Announcing the Crochet Oya Crochet-Along: A Create Your Own CAL

Greetings, yarn friends!

If you can believe it, we began our search for Oya back in October of last year. While I was not familiar with this traditional Turkish crochet edging, I quickly fell in love with the idea of applying a crocheted edging to EVERYTHING. See, one of my (favorite) job responsibilities is gathering up visual inspiration for each issue. I know, you're silently cursing me a bit now. I really do just get to sleuth around for the most beautiful possibilities that we can shape into a crochet story. But now you can join me!

Clockwise From Upper Left: Traditional Oya, Tiara Trim, Loopy Edging, Swirl Edge, and Bruges Edging

I'm beginning a crochet-along that is all about taking our oya and making it whatever you want it to be. You can search for anywhere you like to find inspiration. Try vintage shops, your favorite boutiques, magazines, or scour the internet. Next, choose which edging pattern from the issue (above) is right for your project. Or, you could just save yourself the grief and make one of everything. I have chosen the Traditional Oya by Dora Ohrenstein, Tiara Trim by Shelby Allaho, and Loopy Edging by Victoria Hewerdine Thornton. Toni will be making the Bruges Border by Natasha Robarge, and we have a very special Swirl Edge by P. K. Olson project that Marcy will reveal in our Fall issue.

Please come join me in the forums where you can share all of your ideas, garner some encouragement, and just plain gush about oya. And remember to post all the pictures of your lovely work in our gallery. Can't wait to see you all there!

Happy Stitching,



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