Animal Ear hat (WITH EAR FLAPS)


Lulu D


So i had about 2 weeks off of school for christmas and my mother graciously blessed me with a bag full of yarn, sooooo I decided to make a funky hat since i couldnt find one that fit my taste.

Materials List

Size 9 hook (Or “N” hook)
Size 6.5 hook (Or “K” hook)
Crochet sewing needle
Black worsted weight yarn (4 ply)

White worsted weight yarn (4 ply)

Finished Size

It’s gonna be stretchy, for a childs size hat use a smaller hook. This is for a teen or young adult.


Doesnt matter.


You need to know how to do:

Double Crochet decrease
Front post double crochet stitch
Slip stitch

Single crochet

The Pattern

*Rounds 1-7 are done with black yarn*

To start ch 5, join with sl st to first chain to make a ring

Round 1: Ch 3, 11 dc inside ring. Join with sl st to top of ch 3. Turn.
Round 2: Ch 3, 2 dc in each dc around. 24 dc total. Turn
Round 3: Ch 3, dc in next dc, 2 dc in next, around. 36 dc total
Round 4: Ch 3, dc in next 2 dc, 2dc in next dc, around. 48 dc total. Turn
Round 5: dc around, add one increase anywhere to make it 50 dc all around.

Round 6-7: DC around. (50 dc)

Now with white yarn and K hook:

Round 8: Ch 3, DC in first 21 dc sts, FPDC in next 4 dc, dc around. (50 dc)

Rounds 9-13: Repeat round 8 with K hook.

Now with black yarn:
Rounds 14-15: Dc around. (50 dc)

Round 16: Sc around. (50 dc)

Ears of hat (Make 2)

Ch 16.
Row 1: Dc in next 14 sts, ch 2 turn. (14 dc)
Row 2: Dc all around, ch 2, turn. (14 dc)
Row 3: 1 DC DEC in beginning of row, dc across. ch 2, turn. (12 dc)
Row 4: dc across, ch 2, turn. (12 dc)
Row 5: 2 dc dec in beginning, dc across, ch 2, turn. (8 dc)
Row 6-8: 2 DC DEC in each row until 2dc remain. DO NOT FASTEN OFF.
Row 9: From top of row 8, sl st around finished ear.

Row 10: SC in each sl st around. Fasten off

Earflaps of hat (Make 2) done in black yarn):

Ch 14, dc in next 12 sts, ch 2, turn. (12 dc)
Row 2: DC across. (12 dc)
Row 3: 1 DC DEC, dc across. (10 dc)
Row 4: dc across. (10 dc)
Row 5: 2 dc dec, dc across. (6 dc)
Row 6-8: 1 dc dec in each row until 2 dc remain.
Row 9: Sl st around earflap. DO NOT FASTEN OFF.

Row 10: Sc around entire ear flap. fasten off.

Cut 24 (12 for each earflap) decent length pieces of yarn to make braids for the ends of the earflaps. Braid and tie off at the end.

Sew all the pieces on accordingly. and Viola! youre hat is done!

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