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I received my first piece of hate snail mail last week. A reader was very angry with me because she didn't see the “printer friendly version” link and printed out an unusable version of a pattern. In her mind, I'm responsible for her waste of paper and ink. I'm blogging about this to remind you, dear readers, to read a web page before printing it. You might just see a printer-friendly link on there. I disclaim any perceived responsibility for how you choose to use your printer ink and paper. Though, as a world citizen, I do encourage you to turn any mis-printed paper over and feed it back through your printer to print a better version on the opposite side. Reuse reuse reuse. And if you can't reuse, recycle or repurpose. And also, if you're very concerned about the cost of wasting ink and paper, I encourage you to email me your hate mail, to save an envelope and 69 cents (USD) postage. If you want to send fan mail, however, maybe with a pretty postcard or something, that's totally worth 69 cents in my mind…

Julie's posted a pretty preview of a design by Amy O'Neill Houck from the upcoming fall issue. And yes, she does mention a crochet-along… Anyone out there who's hankering for a new favourite sweater, warm up your hooks.

Kristin Omdahl has listed an eBay auction for a kit for her fab Swirl cardigan. Yum!

When my right hand is misaligned on the keyboard, my name comes out as “Lo,”. I think that's cool. I'm not sure why.

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