Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts: Meow Foundation Line

Oh, hello there, have I stolen your heart yet? Thought so. You may recognize this little fella' from our latest issue of Crochetscene. In it, we introduce the fabulous Meow Foundation Yarn line from Ancient Art's Fibre Crafts. Below you will find swatches and reviews of 4 yarn types from the Meow Foundation line. But first, let's all indulge in some yarn/kitty goodness, shall we?
Look at that little pink kitten belly!!!
So stoic. So refined.
A special thanks to photographer and kitten wrangler, Shane Henson! Shane, you did such a fabulous job 🙂


The Meow Foundation line comes in five different yarn types available in many colors. I had the chance to review 4 of these 5 fiber variations and have also included some pictures of the full skeins.
DK (100% Superwash Blue Faced Leicester Wool), 225m/247y per 100g/3.5oz hank. Shown above (from L to R) in:

  • Tuxedo Cat
  • Calico Cat

The Swatch (shown above):

  • Hook: size 7/4.0mm
  • Color: Tuxedo Cat 
  • How it crochets: Smoothly crochets off the hook and the colorway is divine! The BFL is soft and has a subtle luster to it. This would be perfect for a pair of socks.



Fingering weight (75% Superwash Wool 25% Nylon), 400m/437y per 100g/3.5oz hank. Shown above (from L ro R):

  • Kitten Nose Pink (by they way, all of the kitty faces are appropriately embroidered with this yarn!)
  • Maine Coon Kali
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Blue Persian

The Swatch (shown above):

  • Hook: 3.0mm
  • Color: Maine Koon Cali 
  • How it Crochets: The combination of superwash wool and nylon make a durable and soft feel. A small shawlette would be lovely in any of the color combos for this yarn! 



Fingering weight (75% Superwash Fine Merino 25% Silk), 400m/437y per 100g/3.5oz hank. Shown above (from L to R):

  • Grey Tabby
  • Cat's Eye Cobalt
  • Himalayan
  • Cat's Eye Green
  • Shasta Cat
  • Brown Tabby

The Swatch: 

  • Hook: 3.0mm
  • Color: Grey Tabby 
  • How it Crochets: Like a dream! The silk adds a touch of sheen to the already wonderful wool. Mittens, socks, and shawls would crochet up very nicely with this yarn.
Fingering weight (100% Superwash Blue Faced Leicester Wool), 400m/437y per 100g/3.5oz hank. Shown above (from L to R):

  • Le Chat Noir
  • Calico Cat
  • Cat's Eye Gold
  • Siamese Cat
  • Russian Silver Blue
  • Orange Tabby


for swatch, Russian Silver Grey

The Swatch:

  • Hook: 3.0mm
  • Color: Russian Silver Grey
  • How it crochets: Look at that stitch definition! This BFL wool is easy to work with and has a real shine that would create an incredible drape for a shawl or garment. 


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