Amy’s Sore Wristicle


from my sore wrist, to yours


After a conversation with one of my best friends (who, strangely enough) gets a sore wrist in the cold (and her office is in Wales- cold), I decided to whip up a solitary pretty wristicle to keep her sore wrist snuggly, and also, if possible, supported!

Materials List

This is a scraps/stash diving experiment, so use what you have to hand. However, the things I used (if you want to use similar) are:
Size 4mm (G) crochet hook
Scraps of Rowan RYC Soft Lux in “Clover” and “Mist” >>this is a worsted weight yarn<<

Yarn needle for end sewing

Finished Size

Made especially for a 6.5″ wrist (35 chain, plus 1 to turn) so feel free to amend to whatever size you need. I recommend measuring against a tape-measure before you commit to your foundation row though!


I have no idea… I don’t measure guage but I do crochet quite tight.


Shell stitch for the scallopy edge and pattern is dc, tr, dc in the specified stitch (or sc, dc, sc for Americans).

This is written in UK ENGLISH terms, but I will attempt to translate at the end!

The Pattern

Ok, I was working on this pattern at like midnight my time (about 6pm in the USA) so I’m having to translate scribble as I go! If anything doesn’t make sense, please let me know!

Main Wristicle:

1. Ch 36
2. DC in 2nd CH from hook, DC across row
3. DC in FLO across, 1 CH, turn
4. DC in FLO across, 1 CH, turn
5. DC in FLO across, 1 CH, turn
6. DC in FLO across, 1 CH, turn
7. DC in FLO across, 1 CH, turn
8. Miss 2 sts, *DC, TR, DC in next st, 2 CH *rpt across, DC in last DC, 1 CH, turn
9. *1 DC in space, 2 DC in shell *rpt across, 1 DC in last shell, DC in last DC
10. *1 DC in space, 2 DC in shell *rpt across, 1 DC in last shell, DC in last DC

11. *DC in space, 3 CH, DC in space *rpt across, DC in last st

Scallop Edge:

1. Attach yarn to bottom (1st row) of piece however you prefer, DC across the row
2. TR across row

3. *CH2, miss 2 sts, DC, TR, DC in next stitch *rpt across, DC in last DC

Turn wrong side out, whipstitch (or however you want) short sides together. Sew in ends.

Et voila! Hope it makes sense!

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