Amigurumi with a Purpose

Spring has sprung! That means we’ll soon be inundated with all the creepy crawlies that tend to emerge around this time of year. If you’re anything like me, these critters that creep and crawl aren’t exactly your cup of tea, but even I’ll admit that the amigurumi versions found in Lalylala’s Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies, by Lydia Tresselt, are cute enough to make me want to cuddle with a caterpillar.


Flying Caterpillar CREDIT: Jason Jenkins

The crochet amigurumi in this book are more than just pretty faces. They’re also teaching tools. The storyline that runs along with the photos will show children the metamorphosis process for a number of insects, including butterflies, beetles, and flies. And the storyline is not the only thing in this book that can be used to teach—it includes the instructions for each bug that’s shown, and these bugs have interchangeable parts that kids can use to both play and learn.


Amigurumi as teaching tools CREDIT: Jason Jenkins

Children won’t be the only ones learning from this book. Since the pattern for each creature is included—along with all the tips, tricks, and finishing techniques—crocheters of all ages will learn new things as they work these instructions. Suggested colors (affiliate link) are listed, but working with the intended recipient to choose custom colors will make you the star of the show.


Star of the show CREDIT: Jason Jenkins

Needless to say, whether this book is used as a children’s story, a teaching tool, or a crochet pattern book, it will fulfill its intended use in one way or another. If it’s used as a crochet amigurumi-pattern book, the only question will be “Which pattern should be worked first?” Which one would you work first? Let us know in the comments!


Beautiful butterfly CREDIT: Jason Jenkins

Happy stitching!

Featured Image: CREDIT: F&W Media International, Ltd.

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