Amigurumi Style Pug


Bethany Hall


This pattern Was created for my grandmothers Birthday. She had a much loved pug when she was newly married and has collected pug things ever since it passed away all those years ago.
She was feeling down on her birthday and I wanted to cheer her up. I made her two and she loved them!

The best kind of dog is the kind you don’t have to feed, or clean up after!

Materials List

Worsted weight yarn (I used simply soft)
Crochet Hooks in size H and E
Amigurumi eyes (or buttons)
Scraps of Black Felt
Pink embroidery Floss
6 Inch Pipe Cleaner
Embriodery needle
Black thread
Darning needle
Pattern Piece:

Finished Size

About 4 inches tall and 4-5 inches long.


Not important. This is a toy so if it comes out slightly bigger than my finished size that’s ok! Changing the hook to a larger size and using a bigger yarn will also make the toy bigger.

You can also change the hook to a smaller size and use thread if you are really ambitious.


The Head and Body are made using the Magic Adjustable ring. If you do not wish to do this simply Chain 2 and make the amount of single crochets into the second stitch instead of the ring.

The Pattern


With H hook

Using magic Ring method Single Crochet 5 Times into ring, Pull tail and join with a slip stitch. (5 sc)
2.) 2 single crochet in each stitch, repeat around. (10 sc)
3.) * 2 single Crochet in next stitch, 1 single crochet in next stitch, Repeat from * around. (15 sc)
4.) 1 Single crochet in each stitch around. (15 sc)
5.) Repeat row 4, 3 times. (15 sc per round)
6.) *single crochet 2 together, 1 Single crochet in next stitch. Repeat from * around. (10 sc)
7.) Single crochet 2 together around. ( 5 sc) follow directions for eyes:
Cut out 2 felt pieces using pattern, Poke hole in eye pieces to insert eyes. If using buttons sew them on at this point. Attach to head so stitches and such are on inside of head. Stuff then continue.

8.) Single crochet 2 together 2 times, Slip stitch in next stitch then fasten off leaving tail about 8 inches for attaching body parts.


With H hook

1.) Using magic ring method single crochet 5 times into ring, Pull tail and join with a slip stitch. Chain one. (5 sc)
2.) In same stitch you joined in and all others single crochet 2 times. (10 sc)
3.) (Note: this is a good place to add a stitch marker) *2 Single crochet in next stitch, 1 sc in each of next 3 stitches, Repeat from * around. Sc in last remaining stitch. (13 sc)
4.) 1 Single Crochet in each stitch around. (13 sc)
5.) repeat row 4, 7 times. (13 sc per round)
6.) * single crochet 2 together, then in each of next 3 stitches single crochet 1 time, Repeat from * around. In remainging stitch single crochet instead of single crocheting 2 together. (10 sc)
7.) single crochet 2 together around, in last stitch sc 1. (5 sc)
8.) stuff at this point, then reapeat row 7. ( 3 sc)

9.) Slip stitch in next stitch and fasten off leaving tail about 8 inches for attaching body parts.

Feet: (make 4)

With H Hook

1. Chain 2, single crochet 4 times in second chain from hook. Join with a slip stitch. (4 sc)
2. Chain 1 and sc in each stitch around(4 sc)
3. Repeat row 2, 6 times. (4 sc per round.)

4. Fasten off leaving tail 8 inches for attaching body Parts.

Ears (make 2)

With E Hook

1.) Chain 5, Staring in second chain from hook sc across. Chain 1 and turn
2.) Single crochet 2 together twice, then in last stitch single crochet. Chain 1 and turn ( 3 sc)
3.) Single crochet 2 together and single crochet in last stitch. Chain 1 and turn. (2 sc)

4.) Single crochet 2 together. Fasten off.


With H Hook

1.) Chain 1, Hold pipe cleaner next to hook And single crochet around it 12 times. Chain 1 and fasten off. Bend pipe cleaner to curl tail. Clip any exposed pipe cleaner and bend under to hide it.

To assemble cut out nose piece and embroider nose on near top. Then stitch to head with thread in a similar color.

Fold last two rows of ears down, Then using tail from top weave through till even with this fold, and sew top of ears to hold fold. Then sew ears to head.
Stuff feet and attach to bottom on body using tail.
Attach tail to body with curl over the rear.
Attach head to body near top.

Add a collar or leave as is and you have your own pug!

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