Alpaca Beaded Handbag


by Kristin Omdahl


Alpaca Beaded Bag

Crocheted tiers of luxurious, alpaca scallops trimmed with carved, bone beads and wooden handles makes for a bag good for any occasion.

Materials List

  • Henry’s Attic Andee (50% superfine alpaca/50% merino wool; 500yds per 8oz), 2 hanks
  • US G/6 (4 mm) crochet hook
  • (25) 8 mm carved bone beads
  • Two 13” wooden purse handles
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Optional 1/2 yard of lining; needle and thread to match lining

Kristin has made an Alpaca Beaded Handbag kit available here.

Finished Size

13” (33 cm) long, 13.5” (34 cm) wide (not including handles)


18 sts x 14 rows of sc = 4″ (10 cm)
16 sts x 8 rows of dc = 4″ (10 cm)

The Pattern

Tier (make 5)

Ch 8 (counts as ch 5, dc), dc in 4th chain from hook and in each st across, turn. (6 sts)

Row 1: Ch 3 (counts as dc), dc in each st across, work 2 dc in last st, turn. (7 sts)

Row 2: Ch 3 (counts as dc), dc in base of ch-3 (increase), dc in each st across, turn. (8 sts)

Row 3 – 6: Repeat Rows 1 and 2. (12 sts)

Row 7: Ch 3 (counts as dc), dc in each st across, ending dc2tog over last 2 sts, turn. (11 sts)

Row 8: Ch 1 (does not count as a stitch), dc2tog over first 2 sts, dc in each st across, turn. (10 sts)

Row 9 – 12: Repeat rows 7 and 8. (6 sts)

Row 13 – 60: Repeat rows 1 – 12 four more times.

Working through both thicknesses, sc last row and free loops of beginning chain together, being careful to join piece into a loop without twisting. Fasten off.

Beading (work for all five tiers)

Thread 5 beads onto yarn. Working along pointed edge of tier, work [sc, ch1] twice into edge of each dc around, except at points, work [sc, ch 1, sc, slip bead, ch 1, sc, sc, ch 1] into dc, sl st in first sc to close round. Fasten off.

Joining (Tiers are numbered 1 through 5, starting with 1 at the bottom)

*Working along straight edge of first tier, work 124 sc evenly around edge (approximately 2 sc into edge of each dc), slip stitch in first sc to close round.*

Sc in each st around for 9 rounds.  Fasten off.

With second tier, rep from * to *. With right sides facing you, sc through both thicknesses (Row 2 of current tier to the front with Row 11 of previous tier to the back) around, sl st in first sc to close round. Sc in each st around for 9 rounds.  Fasten off.

Attach each of the remaining tiers, as for the second tier, until all five layers are attached.


Note: Yarn should be doubled for base.

With wrong side facing and working from the bottom (bag upside-down), join yarn with slip stitch into any sc from back side of round 1 of tier 1. Sc in each st around, sl st in first sc to close round. (124 scs)

Sc in each st around for 4 more rounds.   

On next round, lay purse flat and use stitch marker to denote right and left edge. For the next 5 rounds, sc in each st around, work sc2tog 3 times at each stitch marker. Fasten off. Holding right sides together, with purse base flat, sew seam.

Handle Assembly

Make a flap to be inserted into opening of each handbag handle.

You will need 5 rows of 42 sc to fit the opening. With the handbag lying flat, right side out and front facing, you will see 62 sts of row 11 of fifth tier (top edge of handbag) facing you. Starting at the right edge, sl st in 11th st to join. Ch 1, sc into same st and in each of next 41 sts. (42 sts)

Ch 1, turn, sc in each st across, for 4 more rows. Fasten off.

Turn handbag over. Repeat for back side.

For the 20 unworked sts on either side of the handle flaps, work 5 rows of sc in the six middle sts. Fasten off. Make same flap on both sides.

Insert front 42-sc flap into opening of one handle. Fold flap over, and line up last round of sc with row 7 of fifth tier (five rows down). With tapestry needle, sew each sc of 5th row of flap to each sc of 7th row of fifth tier.

Repeat for opening of other handle. Sew each small side flap to 7th row of fifth tier in the same manner.

Optional Lining

Cut 2 pieces of fabric to the size of the inside of the finished purse from the base up to the flap seam, plus ½” seam allowance all the way around. Sew both pieces with right sides together, along bottom and both sides, ½” from edge. Turn pouch inside out, so the right side is facing you. Turn top edge towards inside (wrong side) ½” down and press with iron to make crease.

Turn the handbag inside-out; slide the lining pouch over the handbag, like a pillow case, making sure that the wrong side of the handbag is touching the wrong side of the lining, and that the top creased edge of the lining is folded down inside the pouch. Pin the lining to the handbag at the seam where the handle assembly flaps were sewn to the walls of the bag.  With needle and thread, whipstitch the lining to the handbag. Turn the handbag right-side out, and you should only see the right side of all seams inside the bag.

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