All Things Dainty Granny Square


Olivia Kent



I adore all things dainty! I guess that’s one of the many reasons I LOVE to crochet! I love being able to create something so beautiful out of nothing… Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling on the inside!
So the other day I started crocheting with cotton yarn, (ashamed to admit it was an exciting first time for me lol) and I enjoyed every second of it! It made my granny square even more beautiful!
Well here’s the instructions to that granny square!


Materials List

3.00 Crochet Hook
3 ply Cotton Yarn
OR if you don’t have those things, you can still crochet the square with these items!
4.50 Crochet Hook
8ply Polly Yarn

Wool or Tapestry Needle ( To weave in ends)

The Pattern

Find free pattern here~

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