Alien Octopus Thingy


Before you begin, I feel I have to let you know that I have a hard time following instructions. A lot of times I find a pattern I like and modify the stuffing out of it. Or I just make it up. I have no patience for tedious crap, so you will find no weaving in of ends or stitch counting here (unless absolutely necessary).

If you like the pattern, please let me know. If you don’t like it, I don’t really care. If you modify it or make it fancy, please send me a pic and tell me what you did different.



Materials List

I used scraps of Sugar’n Cream worsted weight cotton. Some burgundy, orangy, off-white, and black. You use whatever you have laying around.

Finished Size

Doesn’t really matter, the cat is going to tear the crap out of it anyway.


It’s on the label.


I used size D3 aluminum hook so my stitches were nice and tight.

The Pattern


1st curl: Using MC, ch about 35. Sc into third ch from hook. Sc all the way back to end of ch.

2nd curl: Join CC, ch 35 again (or you could make them different lengths if you wanted to). Sc into third ch from hook. Sc all the way back to end of ch.

*3rd curl: Pull MC through loop on hook, ch 35. Sc into third ch from hook. Sc all the way back to end of ch.

4th curl: Pull CC through loop on hook, ch 35. Sc into third ch from hook. Sc all the way back to end of ch.*

Rep from * to * until you have 9 legs (that’s how many I got out before I ran out of scrap yarn anyway..). Join to form ring with sl st into first sc in the first leg. Sc in between each leg (9 sc)


From here on out you are working in a round, and in back loops only.

Row 1: Sc in each sc

Row 2: 2 sc in each sc

Row 3: *sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc* repeat around

Row 4 & 5: sc in each sc

Row 6: decrease in each sc around until you have about 6 sc left. Then insert hook into each sc and pull up a loop – do NOT pull the yarn through any loops, keep them all on your hook until you get the last one – then pull yarn through all loops, sever yarn, and pull tight. This should close the head up nicely.

Now for the tricky part – turn it inside out (you should still have a hole in the bottom where you joined the legs). After you force the head through, stuff it with whatever you want, fiberfill, catnip, crinkly stuff (my cat loves stuff that makes noise – like plastic wrappers or bags).

After you get it all stuffed good, tuck in all the ends you have left up inside the body, except for 1 (I absolutely despise weaving in ends). Thread that mother onto your yarn needle and weave it into the back loop of each sc on the first row (on the inside) of your body. Pull tight to close and tie it off. Then with the end of your needle (the tip if the eye) shove that mother into the body.


Cut two strips of yarn about 6 inches long.

Tie a double-knot in each one at about the middle and thread that mother on the needle. Pick an sc and wrap each end around one so the knot is in front and each end comes out a side. Then double-knot again and pull those ends through the top with your needle. Do this again for the other eye.

And since I hate weaving in my ends, I took the 4 strands coming out of the top of the head, knotted 2 of them together for a while, then did the other two, then tied them together so I had a nifty ring. Now I can hang it somewhere and kitty can jump for it (oh, how she loves to jump)!

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