Aegean Dreams and Extended Tunisian Stitches

When a cold wind blows and the weather outside is makes staying inside seem like a much better choice, I love nothing better than to put a pot of soup on the stove and curl up with an old television show and a crochet afghan. It’s the coziest feeling in the world. And when temperatures are cold, you want an afghan that will keep you warm. The Aegean Dreams afghan is the perfect option.

The extended Tunisian stitches counterbalance the curl, so there’s no need to add a border. The valleys and ripples are worked in the return pass, creating a one-row repeat. It’s the extended stitches that really fascinate me. Let’s look at how they are created, then you can start your own afghan.

The extended Tunisian simple stitch begins the same as the regular Tunisian simple stitch. Insert the hook from right to left under the front strand of the next vertical bar.
Yarn over and pull up a loop. So far this is exactly the same as working a regular Tunisian simple stitch. The next step is where we change this stitch to an extended stitch.
Chain one. That might seem confusing in the middle of your Tunisian stitch. Simply yarn over and draw through one loop on your hook. It’s the same thing. You still have the same number of loops on your hook as you did before you chained one. Keep the loop on your hook and move to the next stitch. This step has just made the stitch taller or extended it.
You can “extend” any number of Tunisian stitches. The Aegean Dreams afghan uses extended Tunisian simple stitch, extended Tunisian full stitch and extended Tunisian reverse stitch. For even rows, you can work the return pass as normal as I did in the above sample swatches, but to create the ripples of this afghan, Darla has created a special return pass that will transform the easy extended stitches into beautiful ripples.

Now it’s time to create your own beautiful Aegean Dreams afghan. You can get the pattern and crochet your afghan to match your decor by ordering your copy of Interweave Crochet Home. Or take advantage of our special Aegean Dreams Afghan Kit and receive the issue with the pattern as well as enough yarn to make the afghan in the colors used for the sample.

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P.S. I have a new favorite Tunisian crochet stitch. Do you have a favorite? Share it in the comments.

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