Accessorize Your Crochet

There is a satisfaction in making your own clothing. I love to sew dresses and skirts. I spend most of my evening crocheting a new hat or working on a crochet sweater.

  Crochet Cardigan, Better Than His Cardigan by Amy Gunderson
  Better Than His Sweater by Amy Gunderson

The last part of my ensemble is usually the perfect piece of jewelry. I have admired the patterns in the Jewelry Stringing magazine for years, and I think it is time to start creating my own jewelry. Imagine how gorgeous these necklaces would look with a crochet sweater? If you crochet a neutral colored sweater, like the Better Than His Sweater, the jewelry possibilities are endless.

Marlene Blessing, a past Jewelry Stinging editorial director, shares some of her favorite tips for creating your own perfect pieces of jewelry.

Make Jewelry That Gets You Noticed


I¹m eager to share a few tips that will boost your chance of success with your beading designs.

1: Use a nice balance of materials

We like to show our readers how cool it can be to mix things up in stringing designs-for example, combine chains in various metals, put vintage Lucite together with semiprecious stones, or use colored wire to sass up your wire-wrapped dangles or charms.

Mossy Peak by Heather Thornton    

2: Think seasonal color trends

It's easy to do your own research online to find out where fashion is going with color. A couple of our favorites are fashion designer sites-what's Donna Karan doing this season? There's the Pantone site-there's even a color chip app for your iPhone. Be a Beadanista and use au courant color schemes to express yourself.

All Tied UP by Ashleigh Becker    

3: Add originality & surprise

Touches of originality in your designs can be as simple as combining unexpected elements (paper beads with copper bead caps, for instance). Or creating a slight asymmetry that adds spirit.  Pieces we're drawn to have a little "Je ne sais quoi" going for them that not only attracts our attention but compels us to want to make those designs ourselves.

-Marlene Blessing

Brassy Map by Anne Perry    

I think I see a trip to my local bead shop in my future. I have so many ideas. The All Tied UP necklace is worked in several of the spring 2014 Pantone colors and would look gorgeous with my wardrobe. I love the mix of fabric and beads and more in the African Queen necklace. I would work it in blues and greys.

  African Queen by Annie Potter

Learn how to create your own jewelry designs, either to highlight your crochet pieces or as easy gifts, by subscribing to Jewelry Stringing today.

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P.S. Do you create your own jewelry? What is your favorite tip?

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