A Well-Traveled Hat

The inspiration for this blog came from a guy named Rex.

On the last leg of my October flight, from MSP to RDU, I was scrunched in the middle seat. The window seat was still vacant moments before they closed the door. Hope springs eternal. Then a tall guy came to our row, grinned and said, "Yup, I'm that guy." He took the coveted seat.

I had stashed my yarn and pattern for a few motifs of the Moorish Mosaic Afghan in the seat back.
When we were all secured, I pulled it out and started crocheting. Rex looked over and said,
"Hey, why don't you make me a hat?" Then he promptly fell asleep.

It was a bodacious request. But it got me thinking. I could totally make a hat every time I made the trip to the home office and back. (If I was really alert, I could make four hats. But that seems extreme.) Then I could give it away.

So for my November trip, I stashed a ball of yarn and the pattern for the Tahoe Hat from the Fall issue of Interweave Crochet (yeah, I know I wrote the pattern, but I didn't trust myself to remember every step). The hat pattern accompanied the Craftivism column featuring the Hat Box Foundation, which gives handmade hats to people battling illnesses.

On the final leg of the trip home, I set up shop:


4:18 MST The ball is ready for action. It's chubby Noro Iro (75% wool/25% silk) and a size K hook.


4:38 MST The center of the top saw me through take-off


4:53 MST The top is done and it's time to turn the edge.


4:54 MST Cruising altitude of 39K feet and it's time for a snack


5:06 MST Round 12 and there's a little turbulence


5:16 MST Surprised by pink!


5:21 MST Around a round.


5:33 MST Found the end of the row after the bit of yarn marking row start fell out. Note to self: pack a real stitch marker in the yarn bag next time

5:34-5:36 MST
Tried to find my jazz station on satellite radio. The Holly Jolly music that seems to have replaced it for the season is prancing and pawing on my last nerve.


5:46 MST The Christmas tunes seem to have infiltrated the yarn, as red and green rows emerge as I near the final round.

Crochet Hat

5:51 MST Done!

The hat is bright & cheery, but it's not soft enough for the tender heads that the Hat Box Foundation services. So this hat will find a home through Coats for the Children, a local group that gathers winter clothing for Salvation Army families.

Happy trails to you!



And as a bonus, I had time to work on two more motifs for the afghan:


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