A Sweater in Four Days


It can be difficult to remember—in the hustle of a handmade holiday—that crafting is meant to be fun and relaxing! We’re in crunch time now, and it’s clear that any remaining gifts will have to be ones that work up quickly. But don’t sacrifice the fun. And don’t stress! There are lot s of great quick gifts out there. And I bet you wouldn’t expect that one of them would be a sweater!

Every year I make my son a sweater for Christmas. It’s a tradition that’s important to both of us. But every year it get s little harder. As he gets older, he picks up more activities and hobbies, and we get busier and busier. And—this is the real clincher—the sweaters get bigger! Alarmingly so. It’s always a shock when I reach the point where I think it will be long enough, and I measure and realize that I’m far from finished.

But this year (and not for the first time) Doris Chan is my holiday hero. She designed The Rugger Sweater for our Winter issue, and it’s the perfect big kid sweater. It’s fantastic for boys or girls, and the pattern is creative, clear, and FAST. The sizes fall in the often-neglected range of 6 to 14. Which means I’ll be using this pattern regularly for the next 5 years.

And here’s the miraculous part: I made the sweater in four days. Granted, they were very focused days. There was a Lord of the Rings Extended Edition marathon involved. But I did it! AND it was fun. I worked the size 8 instructions, so for a larger size you may need to add a day (or another movie marathon), but in terms of project-return-on-time-investment, this pattern is pure gold.

So go forth and conquer your lists! And keep your eyes here on Crochet Me. We’ve got more tricks up our sleeves for celebrating a handmade holiday without the stress.


Happy crocheting!



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