A swatch… and more

Forecast swatchI've been swatching for Forecast. Dude. Crocheting bobbles is SO MUCH EASIER than knitting them. Knitting bobbles is a special kind of torture.

That said, I'm enjoying the swatching (the one at left is finished, now). I'm going to do a second swatch in the combination knitting style, both to play and to see if I might enjoy all the purling more that way. See if my gauge changes. Then I'll wash and block them both and see how I'm doing for sizing. (I wrote more on the Team Canada blog, if you're interested.)

So as not to disappoint on the crochet front, here's something I've been meaning to put in the mail for days, but keep forgetting. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. There's a story behind why I've made a granny square, after publicly announcing I think they should go on a five-year hiatus. But that's for another time. For now, check out the pink.

Granny square

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