A Starry Night Wrap


The temperatures here are really starting to warm up. I’m opening the windows in the evening to let the beautiful cool breeze in, but I still need a light wrap when I sit out on the porch. So, what should I look for in a good summer wrap? I’m thinking lace crochet motifs in a lovely silk or bamboo yarn.

For crochet lace shawls, Kristin Omdahl is the designer to consult. Her book Crochet So Fine has the perfect wrap—the Starry Night Wrap. Here is Kristin to tell us a little bit about this shawl.

Shawls and Wraps

Shawls and wraps were my first crochet love, and they are still my favorite handmade garment to wear. There are so many options for making a unique shawl or wrap, with a multitude of different shapes, styles, sizes, and techniques. Each new shawl or wrap is a canvas on which I can create a story.

Kristin Omdahl modeling the Starry Night Wrap

Imagine wearing the Starry Night Wrap for a bit of warmth while leisurely strolling with the one you love on a cool and starry night. The beautiful star-shaped, three-round motifs are joined as you go, and the entire wrap can be worked up quickly. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this nicely sized wrap is that it is a one-skein project!

—Kristin Omdahl

We have worked with Kristin to create a once in an incredible crochet kit. This kit is so much fun to unpack.  When you receive your Starry Night Kit, you will find a copy of Kristin Omdahl’s exquisite book Crochet So Fine with the Starry Night Wrap, a skein of Be So Fine to create a sumptuous wrap, a container of Wrapture to wash your wrap in before wearing it, and a beautiful project bag by Erin Lane to store your Starry Night Wrap in while you are crocheting.


We have a limited quantity, so get your Starry Night Kit today.

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P.S. We love creating these fun crochet kits! Let us know in the comments which project would you like to see kitted?

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