A Snappy, Scrappy Wreath

Sometimes the holidays sneak up on me. How about you?

At any rate, sometime in late November, I noticed that we had an orange goblin thing on the front door and, really, it was high time we embraced the winter holidays. Last year's all-natural wreath has long since been dismantled by woodland creatures. It was time for a new wreath.

What would it be this year? The all-natural wreath was lovely, but it took a full morning to make and it leaves a bit of a mess to clean up. Time was of the essence. What did I have on hand for wreath-making?

What I have is a box stuffed to overflowing with swatches, some my own, some sent by designers with submissions. Perfect, I thought, for a wreath!

Here's how it all came together:

I started with a wire frame. It needed some fluffiness, so I pulled out some fiberfill and scraps of quilt batting (the batting was in long, skinny rectangles, perfect for this task). My daughter held the frame, stuffing fiberfill under the batting, while I sewed the batting together under the frame. (Pictures would be so good here, right? But our hands were full and we were in the moment. Finding a camera and another set of hands to take a picture would have put a crimp in things.)  So, voila, magic: We had a padded wreath.

Then we dumped out the box of swatches. We placed swatches over the wreath, overlapping them until we were happy with the layout. Then we sewed them, Frankenstein-style, on the back (who ever sees the back of the wreath? No one.) My daughter was rather particular about how she wanted them laid out, so she sewed the swatches and I sewed together cupcakes. Because, yes, really, we had the parts to two knitted cupcakes in the swatch box (I so love the swatch box). I sewed a crocheted "cherry" to the top of one, and Kate finished up her sewing. In less than an hour, we were done.


What I really love about this wreath is that when I discover that it's still on the door in April, it will be just fine. Because a cupcake swatch wreath works for all seasons!

What's on your door? Love to see it!





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