A Rundown of the Crochet Solomon’s Knot Stitch

Learn how to crochet Solomon's knot lace.Crochet Solomon’s knot or love knot or whatever you call this fabulous lace fabric—I’ve always used Solomon’s knot—, Solomon’s knot is a great option for a warm weather design.

When I was first introduced to the Solomon’s knot several years ago, I was fascinated and I will admit, a bit stumped. Though it is called a crochet stitch, it is actually made up of several stitches. The short description is that a long loop is stabilized with a single crochet. It is a little hard to describe this incredible stitch, but we have some great how-to articles for you. For more details and some great step-by-step photos, check out the blogs below.

Then be sure to check out Solomon’s Knot Lace: Learn an Easy Technique for Crochet Lace Stitches with Robyn Chachula. Robyn will walk you through the construction of the Solomon’s knot and also show you how to use a simple stitch guide to create uniform loops, how to add beads, and more.

Solomon’s Knot Tutorial

Interweave Crochet editor Marcy Smith shows you how to work the Solomon’s knot as she creates a beautiful swimsuit coverup. The step-by-step photographs show you how the stitch looks at each stage. I definitely recommend checking this blog post out.

The Wisdom of Solomon’s Knot

Be sure to check out the illustrated step-by-step instructions as well. I found both very helpful as I was working my first few rows of this stitch. And remember, practice makes perfect.

Tips on Measuring Solomon’s Knot

Now that you have the stitches of the Solomon’s knot down, it’s time to measure. Creating Solomon’s knots that are all the correct height is important for an even drape. Learn how to measure your stitches for a beautiful project.

This crochet cowl is created with crochet Solomon's knot.And don’t forget to get your pattern for the Liberty Lace Cowl, the gorgeous accessory on the video cover. This fashionable accessory is a great way to practice your Solomon’s knots. Enjoy your Solomon’s knots; I know you will love the drape of this crochet lace!

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