A random list

  • It usually doesn't happen, but I'm sick of the rain.
  • Because I'm sick of the rain, I'm all that much more excited to go to San Diego for TNNA next weekend. And no, it doesn't look like it'll get very sunny here before then.
  • You might remember what I did to my feet at the last TNNA show in June (warning – that's the ugliest photo of my feet, ever). This time around, I've got it covered. I scoured Vancouver, but ended up having to mail order the fab shoes that will get me through the weekend blister-free (I'm bringing mole skin, too; not to worry). They're being sent to the home of my gracious host. It's my first brush with Zappos. Good thing they don't deliver to Canada, or I'd be in big trouble.
  • Amazon.com is about to sell out of our book. That is so cool, I could choke.
  • In the interest of shamelessly promoting book sales, this is even more reason to take advantage of Wiley's offer.
  • In ten minutes I'm going to get my hair cut and highlighted. I am psyched. Also because I could do with sittin' around for a couple of hours and not thinking about work. Remember Kate the fab stylist who's also a crocheter? She's getting a book. Oh, yes.
  • Tonight: Some crocheting, a rented movie, and some taking care of my sniffling spouse. And I'm going to start the process of moving this blog into the new mag back-end. I want it to look all pretty just like the rest of the site. It's about time I got my act together, no?

**Updated 15 Jan.** My hair was given a kind of purply rinse, of sorts. As it fades, it'll be more and more noticeable on the bleached bits. I say again how much I love Kate.

Also, I didn't stay at home on Friday night. Proving once more that I'm a big, fat liar. Instead I joined some friends to see Brokeback Mountain and chill out. I can't get that movie out of my head. Freaking incredible.

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