A Pattern for Your Own iCozy

Last week I told you all about the crochet iPad cozy I stitched up for my new iPad. Mine is made up of crochet swatches sewn together.

Back at the home office in Loveland, Karin Strom, the Yarn Group editorial director at Interweave, crocheted her own iCozy from scratch. Cute as a button, isn't it? And it's great stashbuster!

Karin was nice enough to share her pattern. (Yay!)

Karin's iPad cozy
I've long been partial to tweed yarns and have quite a stash of them—in particular Tahki's Donegal Tweed. So when it came time to create a protective cover for my iPad, I gravitated towards my rainbow stash of tweeds. You can use your own favorite worsted-weight yarn.

Note: Gauge is not that important – if it's too big, Donegal Tweed felts beautifully; if it's too small, add an extra row of trim.

For the Front, I chained 30 of the color I had the most of (pea green), with a G hook. I single crocheted 28 sts for about 42 rows, until I had a rectangle of iPad cozy size (about 7.5" x 9.5").
For the Back, I made use of my rainbow of leftover colors; I used 12 colors. Ch 30 of any color and sc 28. Work a row of sc in a different color each row; to make life easy, crochet over the ends as you go. Work about 42 rows, until the rectangle measures about 7.5" x 9.5". Do not fasten off.
For Flap, continue working a different color each row, decreasing on each end of row for about 15 rows, ending up with 5 sts, to form a triangle shape.

Finishing: With one color (I used heathery black), sc around back panel and front panel. On front panel, make button loop by ch 14 in trim color and sc around chain to form loop.

To finish, with Trim color and tapestry needle, sew front and back panels tog, leaving flap free. With needle and thread sew on super cute butt


on (this is from M

& J Trimming).

Insert iPad and impress your friends.

(Alternative construction method: Sc across top of front, then hold front and back panels together and sc around three sides of panels, leaving flap free. Crochet from edge of flap to point. Chain 14, work 14 sc in ch. Finish sc around edge of flap.)


We'd love to see your cozies, for the iPad or other electronic gizmos. You can post pictures in the gallery. Add the tag "iPad cozy" (or "iPhone cozy" or whatever it is), so folks can find them with the search.


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