A note about dogs

Dogs are not human. They are loving, furry creatures who will make your life better. But they're still not people. To train a dog you must dig into the depths of your basest inclinations when it comes to the occasional desire you might have to train people. It's generally frowned upon to try to train people. Women joke about training their husbands, but really that's more like coming to an understanding. Dogs don't understand human things. To teach a dog you must accept that the dog is not out to get you, does not hold a grudge, does not do nasty things even though it knows better, and does not understand language as you speak it. Sending your dog away to be trained is silly. It's dog owners that need the most training.

Cleo was a hyper disaster when we adopted her at 8 weeks. We spent many, many months training her and channelling all that energy into acceptable outlets. Now that she's three, she's calming down, and is even more fun to have around.

And just now when I heard her drinking, I thought nothing of it. Until I looked up and saw she wasn't at her bowl. At which point my thought process went like this: “WHA?!” And I found her and gestured and said, “Out of the bathroom,” and I shooed her out and closed the door. And I looked at her and thought, “What – were you raised in a barn?”

And then I cleaned out her bowl and gave her fresh water.

But still. Yuck.

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