A New TV Project (and TNNA)

I'm heading down to the TNNA trade show this morning, for three days of non-stop yarn action, chatting with fab crochet professionals, a class I'm teaching on crochet in the LYS*, and new boots that make my heart sing (and don't make my feet ache).

*Let me know by comment or email what you, specifically as a crocheter, want from your LYS (local yarn store). I'll be speaking with store owners, kids!

Knitting Daily TV logo

And now, about that TV thing. Below is the first official press release about the new, in-production public television show Knitting Daily TV, of which I'll be co-host along with the most amazingly talented and fun yarn and thread women I know: Eunny Jang, Liz Gipson, and Shay Pendray. Good thing our Vancouver basic cable carries the Seattle PBS station! The show won't begin airing till July, but I'll be sure to post pics from our April taping, along with any neato information I come across. I admit: that it will soon feel normal to have a mic pack stuck in my skirt is not something I ever anticipated.

Loveland, Colo., January 9, 2008: Aspire Media today announced the launch of “Knitting Daily TV” on many public television stations around the country beginning in July 2008. Bringing a fun, contemporary new approach to needle arts how-to programming, this PBS magazine-format TV series is a makeover of Needle Arts Studio with Shay Pendray, the first and longest-running program on public television to focus on the needle arts, which Aspire Media acquired from host and executive producer Shay Pendray last year.

“Knitting Daily TV” will be hosted by a cast of popular magazine editors: “Interweave Knits” Editor Eunny Jang, “Interweave Crochet” Editor Kim Werker, “Handwoven” Managing Editor and former Managing Editor of “Spin-Off,” Liz Gipson, along with Shay Pendray. The 30-minute themed episodes will cover a variety of needle crafts—from knitting and crochet to stitching, felting, and spinning—and guide viewers in learning to make fun yet smart one-of-a-kind designs using the latest products in yarn and fiber.

Industry experts and renowned designers will appear as guests and join the “Knitting Daily TV” team to bring fiber fans great projects for the beginner to advanced, updates on tools and materials, in-depth technique tutorials, and creative ideas that are sure to inspire.

The makeover of Needle Arts Studio starts with a new name, set, music, and graphics, but the changes are more than cosmetic. “The growing community of DIY-ers doesn’t just want to watch, they want to be a part of it. “Knitting Daily TV” will merge how-to television programming with the online community of knitters in an exciting new way,” said Executive Producer Kathie Stull.

KnittingDailyTV.com is the online companion to the TV show. The site will feature video clips, episode recaps, patterns, interactive discussion, local TV schedules, and more. In addition, “Knitting Daily TV” will have a presence on MySpace and Facebook and episode previews will be available on YouTube.

The show will regularly invite the Knitting Daily online community to be a part of the program by incorporating segments such as “You Asked It,” where hosts answer everyday needle-arts questions of people in the online community or “You Made It,” featuring their handmade creations—bringing a fun twist to the traditional knitting circle and the viral concept of the online knit-along.

“Knitting Daily TV” is produced by KS Inc. Productions and will be offered in the same public television time slot as Needle Arts Studio.

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