A New Crochet Ribbing and A Gorgeous Pullover

Every time I think I know how to create crochet ribbing, our innovative designers create a fabric that showcases an exciting and different style of this technique. The two basic Crochet Sweater Patternmethods you have to choose between when creating crochet ribbing are back loop only stitches and post stitches. Generally, back loop only ribbing creates a fabric with less bulk. Worked perpendicular to the project, it is frequently used at the hem and on the sleeves.

The second option is to use post stitches to create ribbing. This style of ribbing is worked in the same direction as the project and creates a thicker, more textured fabric. Usually a combination of front and back post stitches are used to create an elastic ribbing. Post stitch ribbing is a great choice when you want to draw attention to and make a statement with the ribbing.

Crochet Sweater PatternIn Betty’s Pullover, Jill Wright has captured the beautiful texture of post stitch ribbing without all of the bulk. The wide ribbed collar of this classic pullover does not need a great deal of elasticity as its ribbing is primarily for appearance. Jill chose post stitches for the beautiful texture, and the collar is worked in rows. This is where the ingenuity of Jill’s collar is apparent.

After working the single crochet stitches for the button band, you work a front post double crochet, then a single crochet, then another front post double crochet and another single crochet. Repeat the pattern to the end and turn. The next row is worked even in single crochet. For the next row, work front post double crochets around the posts of the front post double crochet stitches two rows below and single crochet stitches between.
The resulting fabric has less elasticity, but you achieve the gorgeous texture of the ribbing without the bulk you usually have with post stitch ribbing. The collar lies beautifully.

BettyPulloverTry the ribbing yourself and make your own Betty’s Pullover. We have kitted this beautiful cotton sweater for you, so all you have to do is pull out your hook and enjoy! Order your Betty’s Pullover Kit today.

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