A Lacy Tunic Made Just for You

peaseblossomOne of joys of crocheting is that we can make garments that  are just right for us. We see not just a pattern, but the pattern's potential.

Take, for instance, the Peaseblossom Tunic from the Summer 2010 issue of Interweave Crochet. Just lovely, you think. But really, am I shaped like that model? Can I really wear a tunic that comes past my hips?

This sweater is actually very accommodating. Designer Kristin Omdahl specializes in making lacy garments that suit a variety of shapes. All the shaping in this garment is done with the lacy stitch pattern, which ebbs and flows with your body's shape. It's lovely worn with some negative ease at the bust, then positive ease through the wasit before stretching gently around the hips.

But if you decide to modify the garment, here are ways that you can make it your own:

Sleeves: The garment is worked from the top down. When you finish working the yoke, the garment will have cap sleeves. At this point, you may decide that a cap sleeve is just what you want. Just work the edging without adding any length to the sleeve. Or you can work just a few pattern repeats to create sleeves that end at midway down your upper arm. Or go all poetic and make the sleeves go all the way to your wrist, then add the edging for a lovely flouncy edging over the tops of your hands.

Length: Because there is no actual shaping in the pattern, you can easily adjust the body length. You can make it short, coming just to your waist, then add the edging. This would be a great summer cover-up. Or go all the way and make a dress–just keep repeating the pattern until it's as long as you like. It would be a truly stunning cocktail dress, especially if you add the long poetic sleeves.

Color: You have a rainbow of options! The green shown would carry you into fall, but with a shorter top, you may want to work in a brighter summer color. kristin

Kristin Omdahl worked this top with short sleeves in a length that skims her hips (at right). It's perfect for her sunny Florida days, and the purply blue color is perfect for her blond hair. (And don't you just love that Kristin designs things that she herself loves to wear?)

In Interweave Crochet, we bring you the best patterns we can find. And we love it when you take those patterns and make them your own. Share pictures of your garments in the gallery at CrochetMe.com.

And while you're over there, check out Toni's blog, where she has a gallery of the Peaseblossom Tunic shown on three different women of different sizes. 

We've just wrapped up the Fall issue and we can't wait for you to see the patterns we've gathered for your crochet pleasure (be sure to look for another of Kristin's figure-flattering designs in the Fall issue).

Happy crocheting!

p.s. Be sure to submit your original design in the Chain Reaction Afghan Project. Your pattern could appear in a future issue of Interweave Crochet! The contest closes August 3. Go here for details.

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