A Lace Crochet Cowl for Warm Weather

This crochet cowl is perfect for warm weather fashion.

Harlequin Cowl by Joyce Geisler

I recently saw a very interesting request on Crochet Me. Ryosemite asked, “I live in a warmer climate so big chunky cowls are out. My friend had open heart surgery and is conscience of her scar. I thought if I could crochet a soft dressy cowl she could wear with tops that might be a little low. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.”

The Molecule cowl is a crochet cowl that is fashionable and great for year-round wear.

Molecule Cowl by Sachiko Burgin

First I was again impressed by the giving nature of crocheters. When we see a friend in need, our instinct is to pick up our crochet hook and help. But as I’ve excitedly looked forward to cold Autumnal temperatures and scarves and hats, I’ve also been thinking about those of you who are entering Spring or who live in perennially warm climates. You shouldn’t miss out on the fun and beauty of crochet cowls. So here are 3 tips for making a warm weather crochet cowl as well as several lace crochet cowls that you will love.

Warm-Weather Crochet Cowl Tips

This lace crochet cowl is a fast and easy project.

Edie Cowl by Anne Lecrivain

1. Look for a cowl that uses a lace crochet stitch or open crochet motif. I know this tips seems pretty obvious, but I know crocheters who do not think they can wear cowls because they live in warm climates.

This elegant crochet cowl is perfect for dressing up.

Undefined Cowl by Janet Brani

2. Think about substituting the yarn called for in the pattern. Crochet cowls can be gorgeous in linen and cotton yarns. Stay away from wool and be careful when choosing an acrylic. Bamboo and silk can also be fun choices. Keep in mind that these cooler fibers drape and hold shape differently than their warmer counterparts, so a gauge swatch is essential. That gauge swatch will also help you determine if your yarn substitution has affected the finished size. But the nice thing about cowls is that size is not critical.

The Aspen Cowl is a striking crochet cowl that is easy to make.

Aspen Cowl by Linda Permann

3. Embrace the drape of crocheted cowls. While many cowls are shown worn closely around the neck for warmth as well as fashion, they are elegantly beautiful draped in folds down the front of an outfit. This is where fibers like bamboo can really shine.
So check out these great warm-weather cowls! Ryosemite, I hope you find one that works for your friend.

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Stella Cowl by Megan Denham


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