A head cold in Kim-land

[Hold your nose and say it with me now: Uch.]

Knitting Olympics, day 1On Friday I was just coming down with this snotty beast, and I cast on for Forecast during the opening ceremonies as planned. I completed the collar (it's knit from the top down, so really, I should have taken the photo with the seed stitch bit at the top) and started the increasing/cabling/bobbling part.

I've since done one 8-row pattern repeat. This sweater is going to take me forever! I hope to get more done today, though. Why? Because my head is one, big, plugged-up mass of gook perched heavily on top of my neck, I'm wearing pajamas all day, and I'm going to sit on the couch in front of the idiot box and knit. And sleep. Drink some tea and blow my nose and knit some more.

I have some interesting crochet-related stuff to write about, but I'm going to put it off till tomorrow, in hopes of being able to think more clearly.

How are your Knitting/Crocheting Olympics projects going? Put a link in the comments so we can all follow along!

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