A Girl Can Never Have Enough Crochet Jewelry

I  love jewelry almost as much as I love crochet. So when you start talking about crocheted jewelry, I am immediately ready to pick up my steel crochet hook and thread.

  Tatiana's Earrings and Cuff
by Robyn Chachula

Crocheted jewelry has many advantages. A pair of beautiful lace motif earrings uses very minimal yardage, so you can create a large variety of pieces with a single ball of thread or yarn. This makes the pieces incredibly lightweight. I love when a large piece of jewelry makes a statement while at the same time being so light I forget I am wearing it.

 And their small size makes crocheted earrings, necklaces, and bracelets perfect quick projects. If you need a fast gift or something to wear the next day, you can whip up a pair of earrings or a bracelet in an evening.

 With crocheted jewelry, unlike garments, drape is not always a desired quality. Many crocheted motif earrings and necklaces use a stiffening solution to harden the motifs, making them rigid and able to hold their shape.

Island Necklace and Earring
by Robyn Chachula

Some crocheters use a combination of glue and water or sugar and water to create a liquid stiffening solution. I prefer to use premade stiffener purchased at my local craft store.

 Depending on how rigid you would like to make your motifs, you can either soak them in straight stiffener or dilute the liquid with water. The more diluted your solution, the less rigid the crochet, so whip up a couple of extra motifs or swatches to get a feel for your desired rigidity.

 Soak your motifs in the liquid solution and then block, pinning the motifs to desired shape, and allow them to dry. Then add hardware (clasps or earring wires), wear, and wait for the compliments.

 Let's face it; a girl can never have enough jewelry. We have a super fun collection of free crochet jewelry patterns you can try, and some great ones in the Interweave store too! Have fun adding crocheted earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to your jewelry box.

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