A Few of the 365 Crochet Squares

In my digital library you will find a new book I am very excited about, The Big Book of Granny Squares: 365 Crochet Motifs. I am so excited to share it with you, but how do I give justice to 365 crochet squares in one newsletter. To make it more difficult, I love at least 200 of them.

These crochet motifs are perfect for designing your own crochet afghan. Mix and match them, play with color, and create a unique baby blanket or crochet afghan. Let me share with you nine of the squares I found the most inspirational.

Tiger Lily   Confetti   Amaryllis

3-D Squares

Because of the construction of crochet stitches, it is the perfect way to create incredible 3-D designs. I never thought about applying the crocodile stitch to a crochet square, but love the affect. And the stripes make it even better. Flower petals are the perfect opportunity to take advantage of 3-D crochet. These crochet squares are beautiful in afghans and a great options for baby blankets.

Abstract Granny
  Fleetwood   Kilim

Colorwork Squares

Stripes, colorblocking, tapestry, and intarsia, there are so many fun crochet colorwork options, and the giant canvas of an afghan is the perfect place to play with them. I love the way you can create images, such as the lighthouse. Colorwork squares are also the perfect opportunity to stash bust. Try intermingling these square with solidly colored squares.

Spanish Lace   French Lavender   Sea Anenome

Lace Squares

When you are looking at squares for a crochet afghan, your first thought may not be lace, but lace squares make gorgeous light-weight afghans. You can mix these openwork squares with more solid designs, create panels of lace, or design a gorgeous baby or full-size afghan completely from lace.

There are hundreds more innovative and unique crochet square in this book. Just imagine the crochet afghans you could design! Order or download your copy of The Big Book of Granny Squares today.

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P.S. Which crochet square inspires you?

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