A Designer's Perspective: Roundel Scarf

The evening after I received my copy of It Girl Crochet I happened to have a couple of friends over. They were instantly drawn to the fabulous new book lying on my couch. Both were immediately drawn to the Roundel Scarf by Shelby Allaho. Is this gorgeous scarf vintage, modern, or a beautiful combination of both? I just know that this design is perfect for all-season wear and makes a fabulous stashbuster.

Here is Shelby to share the story of the Roundel Scarf and a great tip for crocheting this easy design.

Roundel Scarf by Shelby Allaho  

Roundel Scarf

When I visit my parents, I love to crochet by the light of their beautiful antique stained glass lamp. The stunning details in the lampshade inspired the Roundel Scarf for It Girl Crochet book.

This scarf is one of those designs that came together magically. I didn't start designing with a sketch. I just started crocheting! I knew I wanted circles down the center and smaller circles incorporated into the bottom edging, so I crocheted samples of those first. Then, I experimented with how to join the center circles together. When I was happy with the way they were joined, I figured out how I would edge the center panel. This was the most difficult part, because I needed an edging that would complement the center panel, and facilitate the addition of the smaller circles to the bottom edge of the scarf.


I liken choosing an edging for a crochet project, to choosing a lettering font. Each one has a certain personality, and it needs to match the style of the project. It was a challenge to create an edging that was harmonious with the center panel and that also reflected my original inspiration of the antique lamp.

I began crocheting the sample scarf for the book while on a road trip to Saudi Arabia. I found that it was a great project for the car because I was able to crochet all 3 sizes of the circles and weave in all of the loose ends while still being able to take in the desert scenery. Since I was working in the car, I wanted to keep each size together and organized. I found that if I strung each size on a length of yarn as they were completed, they were easy to count and none of them were misplaced in the process. I think this method would be useful for other projects that include multiple elements that will be joined together later.

Once you have all of the circles completed and strung, you will appreciate the great benefit of having them organized, and they will fall into place easily as you join them together.

– Shelby Allaho


Read more about the Roundel Scarf on Shelby's blog, Stitch Story, and get this fabulous fun pattern by ordering It Girl Crochet today!

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