A Day at a LYS with My Mom

Two weekends ago my mother braved the unpredictable Spring weather to drive down and visit me for the weekend. My love of creation through fiber was first fostered by my mother, so we had to plan a trip to at least one of my LYS. My mother chose Shuttles, Spindles & Skeins, so Boulder became the first stop of the day. I brought my camera along to document our adventures.
Mom and I and yarn
Mom and I browsing the skeins and buttons.
Yarn and buttons
My mother was fascinated with the myriad of button choices. Plans have already been made for the wool she will spin, sweaters that yarn will become, and buttons that will grace the sweaters created from the yarn.
Me and yarn
When I saw this display, I couldn't resist a picture. Yes, this shot describes my attitude about yarn pretty well. The more the merrier.
Me and Crochet
Look what I found, Interweave Crochet Spring 2009. It's always exciting to see my hard work in the yarn stores.
Which one
Sometimes the most difficult part of yarn shopping is not finding the perfect skein but choosing the ideal color. The blue eventually won me over. It will work beautiful with a bit of beautiful, soft peach already in my stash back home. Stay tuned to discover what creation emerges from this yarn after I pull out my hooks.


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