A Crochet Bag for Every Occasion

I am addicted to bags. I have a large purse collection, more project bags than I probably need (but don't tell anyone), and I love crocheting bags. They are great for year-round use and a great way to play with new techniques, plus I can never fit everything I need in my pockets.

Here are a few of the crochet bag styles I have to have in my closet.


The Clutch

A garden party, wedding, or other special occasion is the perfect opportunity to use your crochet clutch. Worked in a tight stitch pattern, crochet clutches are frequently lined with fabric, but do not have to be and are the perfect size to carry your phone, a small wallet, and a few things to freshen your make-up.

They may be small, but clutches are often eye-catching with bold textures, color, or patterns. Small and usually the fastest bag to make, crochet clutches are fun to crochet and carry.

Calypso Clutch by Brenda K. B. Anderson    

The Backpack

Youthful and portable, crochet backpacks are an easy and unique way to carry your latest work in progress and a few necessities for your next adventure. A tight crochet pattern or a fabric lining is important to keep smaller items from slipping out between stitches. This is especially important as a backpack is often not in your view.

Meander Backpack by Ellisha Soutendijk    

The Market Bag

Crisp lettuce, ripe red tomatoes, and freshly baked bread, what's better? Carrying it home in your crocheted market bag makes for the perfect trip. Crochet market bags are usually crocheted in an openwork or lace pattern. This helps them compress to a very small size but expand to be large enough to carry plenty of produce.

Seashell Tote by Elisa Cleveland    

The Tote

For those occasions when you have a lot to carry, a crochet tote is the perfect accessory. Totes can be fabric lined or unlined. Some are felted, and some have a second crochet layer.You can find crochet totes constructed of motifs or in complicated crochet cable designs. The tote is the perfect option for a quick trip or a day of shopping.

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P.S. Do you use a crochet bag? What do you look for in a great bag? Share your wisdom in the comments.

Thundersnow Bag by Linda Permann    

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