A Crochet Afghan That Represents You

How does your crochet represent you? It is an interesting question. Is it the colors you choose, the stitch patterns, or the technique?

  Dots + Poppies Baby Blanket by Linda Permann

This is especially true for my crochet home décor pieces. Crochet afghans and pillows are blue, yellow, and brown at my house, and upon further reflection, the motif construction definitely represents my crochet loves.

It was this personal reflection that let Robyn Chachula to the incredible patterns in Unexpected Afghans. Here is Robyn to tell us more.

A Crochet Afghan That Represents You

My initial approach to this book was that pure sense of just being nosy-what do other crochet designers have in their house? That then morphed into, what would an afghan look like at Leigh Radford's house or in Drew Emborsky's studios? And finally, how amazing would it be to have all the masters work on one big canvas to showcase our craft so we all can decorate our homes?

Veledilo Cable Afghan by Simona Merchant-Dest  

The results are astounding. I asked each crochet designer to use the afghan as a vehicle to showcase their favorite aspect of crochet. Some went colorful, some turned to granny motifs, and others came up with intricate stitch patterns. Each project highlights the beauty of crochet cables, colorwork, lace, granny motifs, or Tunisian crochet. Plus every project has the intimate stamp of the designer's unique inspiration. The best part is that even though the projects in the book look amazing and maybe even slightly challenging, each one has tips and stitch diagrams to guide you along the way. Every chapter also begins with a small pillow project to ease you into the more involved afghan that follow.

So go ahead, jump on in. What would look good in your home? Could it be the masterpiece from Simona Merchant-Dest, or the modern take on granny motifs from Linda Permann, or the show-stopping exploded doily from Doris Chan? I know my hook is itching to start one for each room in my house.

  Exploded Pineapple Afghan by Doris Chan

—Robyn Chachula

A crochet afghan is the perfect way to showcase your crochet and express your design style in your home. Download or order your coy of Unexpected Afghans and find the perfect afghans to represent you—and maybe learn a new crochet technique while you crocheting.

Best wishes,

P.S. What crochet technique represents your home-cables, multi-colored granny motifs, Tunisian.

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