A Complimentary Hobby

Because of my work in the industry, I've considered crocheting and knitting to be my primary hobbies for a long time. Really, though, I've been a fiction reader since I was a kid. I pretty much always have a book on the go. I've envied people who can read and stitch at the same time; I've never been able to master that feat.

A few months ago I started hearing about a couple of competing absurdities on Twitter and in book and publishing blogs. The Slanket vs. the Snuggie—blankets with giant sleeves! For all of us who love to sit under a warm blanket and read or make stuff, these puppies solve the eternal problem of cold arms. I bet you could hem the sleeves so they don't get in the way of your hook.

Crochet Me member katknit posted in the forums the other day that Bernat has just released patterns (one crochet and one knit) for what they call a wrap-ghan. Now you can make your own blanket-with-sleeves* so you can crochet warmly all the time!

*My unofficial personal policy has been to avoid using the term "afghan" (or any variation thereof) in an effort to move away from the negative stereotypes people hold about crochet, in favour of the more benign "blanket". In this specific case, I hope the Slanket wins out, both because I find the name less annoying and because their website is less obnoxious. Though I gotta say, the Snuggie has a whole culture of pub crawls

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