A Bug-Out Bag for Crocheters

The mountains here have already received their first couple of snow storms and the early chill in the air is reminding me of winter storms that knock the power and heat out. A few years ago, after a nasty autumn snow storm knocked out the power, I left my house for several hours in search of heat.

And in the last couple of weeks, I have spoken with several friends and coworkers who were evacuated or preparing for possible evacuation as the flash flood waters rose in much of Colorado. Many others lost power or water. Although I was never in any danger, it was a great prompt to make sure I was prepared for a possible disaster. It's important to have food, water, important paperwork, and you can't forget yarn.

First off I want to stress that no yarn stash is worth risking your life for. If you are forced to evacuate due to a disaster, grab essential survival items and leave your yarn. Living Ready has a fabulous free bug-out bag inventory review sheet download that will help you get started creating your own Bug-Out Bag. But I think an important addition to Living Ready's bug-out bag list is a skein of yarn and a crochet hook.

Many of us turn to crochet when we are stressed and a natural disaster is an incredibly stressful situation. A skein or two of yarn and a crochet hook is also a great way to create hats or projects for family members or others who are displaced. The importance of having crochet supplies was mentioned by several crocheters I know who were evacuated in Colorado.

In addition to a skein of yarn and crochet hook, what else would you add to your own but-out bag?

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