9 Reasons We All Want the Gingko Shawl Kit

We get pretty excited about the crochet kits that we produce. How do we decide what projects to kit? Our choices come from asking ourselves what we (who are just like you) would want to buy. Now, the Gingko Shawl Kit is ready for purchase, and it incorporates several design elements we love. Here are the top 9 reasons we can’t wait to make the Gingko Shawl Kit.

1. Speckled yarn is super cool.

We’ve all seen it trending on Ravelry and in our local yarn stores. It requires a different dyeing process than typical yarn: rather than dyeing entire skeins of yarn or parts of a skein (as in variegated yarns), speckled yarn has a polka-dotted appearance. The speckled yarn offered is skillfully dyed to coordinate with other yarn in the kit. Read more in reason #9.If you want to read more about dyeing yarn, check out this post on Wild and Crazy Dyes from the Interweave staff.

2. Gradients are still our favorite.

Ombre gradient yarn has become so popular that yarn companies are designing entire skeins around the ombre trend. Have you seen Red Heart Yarns’ Super Saver Ombre or Lion Brand Yarns’ Mandala? Our project editor Susanna Tobias said, “Lately it seems like ‘gradient’ is my favorite color palette. There’s something about how the colors slip from lightest to darkest or vice versa that just draws me in and makes me want to create. The gradient palette for this shawl is broken up by the bit of color in the speckled yarn, but that makes it more appealing.”

3. Grey is THE color for fall.

Pantone, the experts in color, have determined that Neutral Gray is a very popular color for fall 2017. So, we’re excited that our Gingko Shawl Kit builds on the color by turning it into a gradient. Our speckled skein adds another trending fall color, Ballet Slipper. This shawl is ready for fall.

4. Bring on the mini-skeins!

We could write a whole blog post listing the benefits of mini-skeins. They are great for taking a project on the go because you only have to bring one mini-skein at a time as you work from it. They also allow for changing colors in strategic places. Mini-skeins are not only fun to own, they are super convenient for working into projects. This kit includes 5 incredible mini-skeins.

5. It’s easy to make.

We’re all constantly on the hunt for that fantastic project that packs a lot of punch without a lot of effort. This shawl is that project. It looks beautiful and intricate once finished, but the pattern works up with ease. This is the project to take on the go, when socializing with friends, or while listening to an enthralling audio book.

6. It’s even easier to wear.

There’s nothing better than a project that you can wear constantly once finished. This shawl is so versatile; you can wear it out on the town, around the house, and running errands. Or, take it to the office! You’ll be hard-pressed to find an office chair at Interweave that doesn’t have our favorite shawl draped over it for when the air conditioning is on high. With its mostly neutral color palette, this shawl will look great with just about anything in your closet.

7. It makes a great gift.

The finished shawl makes a great gift because it is so versatile (see reason 6 for why we all really want this shawl kit). BUT, the kit itself also makes a great gift. With its relatively basic stitches, even beginning crocheters can work this one up. Save your crochet friends the search to find the perfect yarn and just give them this kit. Once they grab a hook, they’ll be ready to get started! There is nothing like the gift of instant gratification.

8. It’s a great learning tool.

Every crocheter remembers learning as a beginner. This shawl is the perfect project for practicing all the basics. The pattern includes chain stitches, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, and treble crochet. Further, expand your crochet knowledge with double crochet and double crochet clusters (both clearly explained in the pattern). The pattern includes a chart as well as written instructions.

9. The yarn is from Lorna’s Laces—’nuff said.

If you’ve never worked with Lorna’s Laces yarn before, you’re missing out! As an authority in dying yarn, we are so pleased that Lorna’s Laces made this beautiful set of mini-skeins exclusively for the Gingko Shawl Kit! Made of 80 percent superwash merino wool and 20 percent nylon, the yarn was hand-dyed in colors Natural, Dobson, Pewter, Charcoal, and Argon, to create the most intriguing palate.

We can’t wait to get started on this shawl. How ’bout you?

Happy stitching!

-Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

This Kit Has Got “You” Written All Over It


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