8 Ways to Pamper Yourself with Interweave Crochet Winter

Winters can be difficult. The days are shorter, it’s cold outside, and when it’s gloomy outdoors, our moods can start to match the weather. This is the season to take time to pamper yourself with beautiful crochet projects—take time to celebrate you. Here are 8 ways to pamper yourself with Interweave Crochet Winter 2018.

pamper yourself

1. Devote time to meditation.

Try taking a moment to clear your mind of your worries. Focus on yourself and the present. A repetitive action can help clear your mind. Work the Relaxing Motif Throw. Making motifs is calming and meditative, plus you’ll have a cozy throw to cuddle in once it’s finished.


pamper yourself

2. Take a hot bath.

Light some candles, grab the bubbles, and run yourself a hot bath. Hop in and let the heat relax those muscles. Make the Caressing Carpet as a bathmat and treat your bare feet to something soft once you’re out of the water.


3. Sip a glass of wine.

Grab your favorite wine glass, fill it up, and relax after a long day. The Indulgent Wrap is perfect for cuddling up in style with your favorite vintage at home or out on the town.


4. Cuddle up with an audiobook and your favorite project.

Great self-care includes setting aside time to enjoy your favorite activities. Here at Interweave, we love nothing more than cuddling up with a great audiobook and our latest craft project. The Soothing Shawl is part blanket, part shawl, and completely perfect for cuddling up with a story and your stitching.


5. Try aromatherapy with scented candles.

Nothing makes your home feel cozier than lighting candles. If you really want to step up your relaxation, try a scent. The lavender scent can help you relax. Wear the Tranquil House Dress as you indulge. The softness of a cashmere-blend yarn, the light of candles, and the scent of lavender will relieve your stress in no time.


6. Make a creative and calming space for yourself.

It’s far easier to relax when you have a space where you enjoy spending time. Set aside a special place in your home devoted to relaxation, decorated with objects that bring you peace. Make yourself the Calming Wall Hanging and hang it in your relaxation space.


7. Get extra sleep.

The amount of sleep we get affects our mood and our ability to function throughout the day. Challenges are a thousand times harder when you’re running short on sleep. Treat yourself and make the Pampered Pajamas; you’ll want to spend as much time in these PJs as possible. Sleep tight!


8. Pamper yourself with hygge.

You’ve probably heard the word but may not know what it means. What is hygge? It’s basically the art of being cozy and finding joy in small pleasures. There are a lot of reasons we crafters love this philosophy. The Cuddle Up Poncho is quick and easy to make (perfect for first-time garment makers) and will help you get into the hygge mindset.

Our Interweave Crochet lookbook will give you a sneak peek and will allow you to explore our patterns prior to buying the full issue. We know you will love it!

We hope these projects from the latest issue of Interweave Crochet help you indulge in some well-deserved time to yourself. What else do you do to get in a relaxed state of mind? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy stitching!
Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

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