8 Ways to Decorate with your Mandala Rug

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my Mandala Rug from Modern Crochet Mandalas. I loved making it with some chunky yarn held double so it worked up fast, and I really love decorating with it around my house. I mentioned I was struggling to find the perfect way to show it off (because I made it in white and live in a house full of white carpet). Blog readers and coworkers came to the rescue! Check out these incredible suggestions for ways to decorate with a crochet mandala rug.

1. Attach a backing.

One of our readers, Dawna O., suggested attaching a backing to the rug in a different color of fabric, so the negative space/open stitches in the mandala show through better. This is a great idea because the background color can match the rest of the décor in my house. Great idea, Dawna!

2. Attach it to a hula hoop.

Erin W. suggested getting a hula hoop of the same circumference as the mandala rug, spray painting it a gold or silver color, and attaching the mandala to it. Then the mandala can easily be hung on the wall. What a great way to use crochet artwork on your walls!

mandala rug

3. Add an edging or embroidery.

Deborah M. thought adding a final row and some additional embroidery in a different color could really help it stand out. That’s such a great idea, and I love that I can accomplish it with the yarn in my stash! No need to go out and buy anything else!

4. Dye it!

Teresa D. suggested dyeing the mandala. What a great idea if you decide you don’t like the color you made a project. Thanks for the reminder, Teresa: if you try this at home, you will need to pay attention to the fiber content of the yarn you use so you know what kind of dye to buy.

5. Buy a colorful rug in a similar size.

Deb, Love of Knitting editor, suggested buying a separate circular rug to place under the mandala. The best part of Deb’s idea is that I can switch out the colors from season to season.

6. Hang it on the wall as a headboard.

Dana, Love of Crochet editor, suggested hanging it on the wall as well. BUT, rather than using it as artwork, she suggested using it as a headboard behind a bed. Such a cool idea!

mandala rug

7. Cover a beanbag chair or floor pillow.

Meghan,Interweave Knits editor, suggested using it to cover a beanbag chair or a massive floor pillow. Cozy floor cushions and beanbag chairs are a popular trend right now, and I can’t wait to try this one out!

8. Use it to bleach a pattern onto another rug.

Susanna, project editor in crochet, suggested laying the mandala over a large rug of a darker color and spraying bleach. This would leave the pattern of the mandala on the rug underneath. This idea takes her mandala T-shirt to a grander scale, and it’s awesome!

Sannie F. mentioned that she has already made a mandala rug from Modern Crochet Mandalas (and had to do a bit of frogging as well). It is totally addictive! With all these ideas for decorating, I might need to make a few more mandala rugs! Who else has made a mandala rug? What can we make next with mandalas? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy mandala making!

Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

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