8 Amazingly Free Crochet Hat Patterns

Free Crochet Hat Patterns eBookI love hats! No really, I’m not just saying that; I have hats stuffed into every corner of my closet. I have bowler hats, newsboy caps, baseball hats, and I’m on the lookout for a good top hat. But my favorite hats to make and wear are crochet hats, which is why we’re giving you 8 FREE crochet hat patterns!

Crocheting hats is a great way to practice your stitches with speedy results! We’re happy to offer you these eight fantastic free crochet hat patterns from expert designers—a gorgeous addition to any collection.

Need a break from those larger, more detailed crochet projects? Hats are a great way to take some well deserved time off, while getting stunning results that you can show off. No matter what style you prefer, this collection of free crocheted hat patterns will have something you’ll fall in love with!

I’m forwarding the link to this free eBook to several friends who just dipped their hooks into the world of crochet for the first time. The One-of-a-Kind Hats and Flash Beanie are perfect projects for someone just learning basic stitches or someone who wants to quickly turn out a lot of unique hats. The 8 Free Crochet Hat Patterns: Crochet Hats eBook now contains eight free crochet hat patterns. Which one will be your first project?

Sneak-Peek of the Crochet Hat Patterns You’ll Find Inside:

One-of-a-Kind Hats

Learn how to crochet hats in this free guide, such as this basic crocheted hat.By Judith L. Swartz
You’ll never have to make the same hat twice. Have fun adding your personality, texture changes, favorite colors, stripes ear flaps, and embellishments to make each creation a one-of-a-kind. Use these hat instructions as the basis for others … you may never need another hat pattern again.

Cables and Lace Broomstick Hat

Learn how to make this cable crochet hat in this free guide.By Kristin Omdahl
This lace hat is a play on the juxtaposition of cables and lace. The brim’s cable is dense, textured, and thick—great for keeping your ears protected in a blustering storm. The body of the hat is worked in broomstick lace, which is also textured, but light. At first glance, you might think the openwork would not be very warm, but the twisted loops of broomstick lace have little pockets of air in the center, which help trap warmth.

Extreme Earflap Hats

How to make a felted crocheted hat in this free guide.
By Tiffany Reynolds
Take a few skeins of eye-catching color, add some rounds of double crochet, then throw the whole thing in the washer for a little felting fun! That’s all there is to the recipe for these wild and warm earflap hats. Simple enough for youngsters to make for themselves, this easy hat pattern is a pleasure to make and to wear.

Slanting Stitches Hat

Learn how to crochet hats with this slanting stitches derby hat.
By Lisa Shroyer
This cute hat in a softly shaded yarn uses a simple repeat of slanting V-stitches, and the flared ribbing can be worn down, creating a bucket-hat look, or rolled up as a cute derby. The classic look of this free crochet hat pattern is sure to get people talking!

Hot Cross Slouch Beret

Learn how to crochet this beret hat pattern.
By Jennifer L. Appleby
This crochet beret pattern is as fun to make as to wear. Start and finish this hat in no time flat and enjoy the compliments. The instructions for this pattern walk you through working in the round from brim to crown in a unique crossed stitch pattern, with almost no finishing required. The soft merino and silk yarn adds a luxurious touch to a simple, engaging project. Say goodbye to dull hats, and ooh la la to this beautiful crochet beret!

Lace Cap

Learn how to make this lace crochet hat in this free guide.
By Kim Werker
Adapted from a thread doily pattern in a vintage crochet book, this cap is lacy at the crown and spirals down to the lower edge. Perfect for cooler nights, it’s a quick and easy hat that can be stitched up in an afternoon.

Stone Path Hat

Learn how to crochet cables in this free crochet hat pattern.
By Lisa Naskrent
Whether your winter time is spent trekking along the timberland trails or strolling along the boulevard, this beautifully cabled hat will keep you warm and fashionable. Remember when you first learned how to crochet a hat? Now your creations look better than anything you could buy in the store … wear this gorgeous crocheted hat with pride!

Flash Beanie

Learn how to crochet a hat with this free, easy crochet hat pattern.
By Judith L. Swartz
These versatile beanies fit close to the head and are easily customized to create different styles of hats for skiers, skaters, students, style queens, dads, or even charity. Add stripes, vary the color, add length or a fold-up cuff to change the finished look. Use a larger hook for a larger crocheted hat, or substitute your own stitches for the basic stitch.

These crochet patterns, hats, beanies, berets and more, is free for you today. We’ve included a range of designs so you can start crocheting hats for all your family and friends. There is nothing like creating a handmade gift for someone you love. Just imagine how they will feel while getting compliments on their handmade hat. Grab your free eBook today and get all eight patterns.


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