8 Crocheted Foods for a Delicious Amigurumi Potluck

I love potlucks! I love the smorgasbord of food, and I look forward to finding my favorite dish there: deviled eggs. Someone’s usually kind enough to make them, and I always try to justify taking more than one (surely there’s someone in the group who doesn’t want theirs!).

My boyfriend, on the other hand, hates potlucks. He’s concerned about the sanitary conditions of food prep (he’s seen some very crazy stuff, so I can’t fault him here), so I encourage him to just eat what we bring and skip the rest.

We can forgo all this worry by having a crochet potluck instead. The Craft Yarn Council is organizing an amigurumi potluck, and everyone is invited! Grab a hook, some yarn, and your laptop or cell phone and join us as we celebrate this delicious event.

What Is an Amigurumi Potluck?

For the month of July 2017, the Craft Yarn Council has created a campaign called the “Crafty Not Bored” Amigurumi Potluck. They are encouraging crocheters, knitters, and yarn lovers to make and share their food-related yarn dishes on social media with the hashtag #craftynotbored.

We have some tasty food patterns at Interweave that you might enjoy making and sharing. This menu of crocheted food items includes items to wear or use around the house and are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Recipes for an Amigurumi Potluck

Serve up one of these delicious projects at your Amigurumi Potluck! #crochetnotbored


Jam Fest Trivets by Marcy Smith

3 Tunsian crochet colorwork trivets with strawberry, mason jar, and checkerboard prints.


Caffeine & Chocolate Molecules Earrings by Lori Carlson

Crochet molecules of caffeine and theobromine, a molecule found in chocolate. Add a jump ring and hook to make tasty earrings or keychain.

Apple Tote by J. Erin Boland

Crochet a bushel of apples with this tote made with center single crochet.

Cupcake Hat by Brenda K. B. Anderson

Make a birthday hat that looks like a cupcake. Top it with a crocheted cherry or candle.


Birthday Cake by Donna Childs

This sugar-free cake has zero calories! Crochet your favorite flavor and top it with a candle.

Pumpkin Hat by Brenda K. B. Anderson

Crocheted on the side, this gourd hat will fit little tykes of varying ages.

Watermelon Coasters by Amy Polcyn

This mouthwatering melon from the book Crochet at Home is a great project for new crocheters.


Berry Pie by Ana Paula Rimoli

This sweet treat won’t go to your waistline! Find the pattern in the book Crochet at Home.

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