7 Tricks for Blasting Through Your Yarn Stash

You’ve made a promise to yourself that you won’t buy any more yarn until you work through your stash (or at least a little bit of it, anyway). I’m here to help with 7 tricks for making beautiful projects with the yarn you already have on hand.

First grab the size 7 StashBlaster crochet hook from Interweave’s Quirky Crochet Hook Set. As you crochet, this will remind you of your goal to blast through your stash. It’s funny enough to make you smile while doing it, too.

1. Make projects that use remnants of yarn, such as mandalas and motifs.

Mandalas and motifs are great projects for working through yarn leftovers on hand, because they encourage you to change color frequently. You don’t have to change color every round, of course, but motifs and mandalas are often designed with multiple color changes in mind.

You can really go to town and play with color with mandala patterns. Use tonal combinations, colors that contrast, or every shade of the rainbow when making mandalas. The stitch designs of mandalas will make the most random of colors look good together.

When making larger projects such as scarves or afghans, repeat the same colors throughout the project. If you use these colors on different layers of various motifs throughout the project, the piece will have a cohesive look.

Need motif patterns? Check out Love of Crochet Spring 2017, Modern Crochet Mandalas, Mollie Makes Crochet, and The Big Book of Granny Squares.

2. Make small projects that don’t require a lot of yarn, such as amigurumi or wall art.

Small projects will blow through your stash quickly.

Amigurumi and small toys don’t use much yarn and can also be made with untraditional colors, making them a fantastic stash blaster. Make the same animal multiple times in various color combinations. Who says bears have to be white, brown, or black? Bear cubs in an assortment of colors make for an adorable and cheerful collection.

Wall art is another great option. Choose colors that match your home’s décor, then blast through your stash and hang your finished projects for everyone to admire.

Need patterns? Check out Crochet Amigurumi, Knit and Crochet Toys, and the Mirrored Rainbow Wall Hanging.

3. Make crochet edging.

Crocheted edging can beautifully embellish projects and use up stash yarn! If you’re edging an afghan, you’ll probably need several balls of yarn, but also try edging smaller projects to blast through your stash. Edging can be added to towels, jeans pockets, scarves, sleeves of sweaters, and more. Not sure what to edge? Crochet a small swatch of edging, then walk through your house or open your closet doors—something may suddenly call out to be adorned!

Need crochet edging patterns? Check out Top Down Crochet Edging and Bottom Up Crochet Edging.

4. Yarn bomb a friend’s car or yard.

Yarn bombing is one of my favorite ways to use yarn from my stash. It can be something simple: a rectangle made with single crochet, a scarf for a statue, or even flowers to decorate a fence.

A couple of times, my house has been tagged with crocheted cozies for the front porch pillars. I’ve also tagged the door handles of cars of several friends. Yarn bombing in public places might be considered littering, so you may want to stick to tagging your friends’ houses (assuming, of course, they will get a kick out of it. Yarn shouldn’t annoy people.).

Need a scarf pattern? Check out Carmen’s Jazz Scarf and Corona Borealis Scarf.

5. Make pom-poms

Not only are pom-poms fun to make, they add pizzazz to the simplest of designs. Pom-poms can be used as tree ornaments, hat toppers, garland pieces, and more. And they are so easy to make.

We have several yarn hacks on how to make lots of pom-poms quickly as well as great ways to use them. Check out these Yarn Hack Videos: Pom-Pom Palooza, How to Make a Pom-Pom and Put a Pom-Pom On It.

Need patterns to adorn with pom-poms? Check out the Hi-Fi Hat, Flash Flap Hat, and Easy Chunky Trellis Scarf.

6. Make projects that use accent colors in small amounts.

Stripes and colorblocks can help you use up stash yarn—even if you need to buy new yarn for the project’s main color! Let’s say you find a pattern for a beautiful sweater or shawl that requires several balls of yarn for the main color and a single ball of yarn for an accent stripe or edge. In this instance, I think you’re completely justified in buying the yarn you need for the main portion of the project, because you’re still meeting your goal of working through your stash.

Need projects with accent colors? Check out the Graphic Lace Cowl and the Gypsy Slouch from the book It Girl.

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7. Get Crafty with Yarn Leftovers

Not every project has to be about crochet. You can knit and craft with your yarn, too. In fact, my coworker Sarah Rothberg, an Assistant Editor for Knitting, has designed several projects for yarn leftovers including a necklace, garland, and swatch projects.

Check out the Interweave blog for projects using Yarn Leftovers.

How Will You Blast Through Your Yarn Stash?

These are my favorite ways of crafting from my yarn stash. What are your tricks for stash blasting? Do you have a large yarn stash, so you’re able to tackle big projects such as afghans and sweaters? Or is your stash full of remnants, requiring smaller projects and accents for your yarn leftovers?

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