7 How to Crochet Tips for Success

Shallow single crochet miscellany bowl

Miscellany Bowl by Sue Perez, Love of Crochet Spring 2016

In the 2016 spring issue of Love of Crochet, I read a fantastic article entitles A Beginners Guide to Center Single Crochet by Sue Perez.

You might know center single crochet by the names shallow single crochet, split single crochet, or waistcoat stitch. To work this stitch, you insert your hook through the center of the posts or vertical strands instead of under the top two loops as you normally would. Center single crochet stitches are shorter than their more common counterpart, but I love the texture this stitch creates. I once saw it used for the foot of a sock and fell in love. It was so soft and comfortable.

Along with instructions for working the shallow single crochet, Sue shares seven fantastic crochet tips that you should keep handy, regardless of what stitch you are working.

Tips for Success

1. Use an inline hook with a pointed tip for best results and ease of crocheting.

2. Keep tension relaxed; stitches will tighten up as you work. Tension is most easily controlled by drawing up taller-than-normal “first loops” on each stitch. If you can’t get the hook easily into the stitches, your “first loops” may not be tall enough; pull them out and try again. Experiment with various loop heights to achieve the fabric texture you want.

3. Practice to maintain consistent tension.

4. If a stitch has tightened up, pull the back horizontal bar upward. This will ease tension on the post and allow your hook to get through.

Honeycomb crochet socks with split single crochet

Honeycomb Socks by Patsy Harbor, Interweave Crochet Fall 2010

5. As your project grows, its weight will pull down on the stitches, tightening the posts and making them harder to work into. Supporting your project from underneath will help prevent this.

6. When working into increase stitches, the vertical strands may be crowded together, making it hard to insert your hook. Check that the hook is entering and exiting between the proper strands. (There should always be two vertical strands between each center single crochet.)

7. When working into a standard (left-leaning) decrease, insert hook through post of both stitches at base of decrease. When working into a right leaning decrease (see below), insert hook through post of topmost stitch only (on the left edge of the decrease), being careful to exit through the upside-down vee /\ on the reverse side.

—Sue Perez

Download your copy of Love of Crochet Spring 2016 for the rest of Sue’s article and check out these great shallow single crochet patterns.

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