6 Tips on Crocheting For Kids and Babies

I love cashmere and lambswool, delicate lace and elegant high necklines, and the perfect row of buttons. All of these little details can combine to create phenomenal garments and accessories for adults, but they don't necessarily work as well for kids.

Joni Jumper by Robyn Chachula  

When you are choosing a pattern or designing your own crochet pattern for kids and babies, there are suddenly a different set of priorities for yarn choice, neckline design, and embellishments. The finished crocheted garments need to be easily wearable, safe for little ones, and washable. Robyn Chachula is one of my favorite children's wear designers, and she has a few great tips for designing and crocheting for babies and kids.


And speaking of buttons, remember that small buttons can be a choking hazard for babies and toddlers. If you are using them as embellishments, make sure they are stitched very firmly in place. I love the crocheted frogs in Robyn's Stella Jacket. Another great embellishment option is appliqués. Add a fun dinosaur, a lacy doily, or a little monster to liven up a cardigan or pullover.

  Hunter Pullover by Robyn Chachula


Whether pulling on their sleeves, sliding across the floor on their bellies, or snuggling their favorite stuffed animal, children are not generally know for treating their clothing gently. When you are weaving in loose ends, make sure you are weaving the loose ends several stitches in multiple directions. If you are seaming a garment, choose a seam that is sturdy and not likely to stretch. A slip stitch or single crochet seam are good options. If you are whipstitching a seam or embelishment, make sure to work under multiple loops with each stitch.

For more tips on Yarn, Neckline, Stitch Pattern, and Color, check out Robyn Chachula's 4 Best Tips for Designing Baby Sweaters.

Yarn: Babies spit up frequently, and small children are better than a GPS at finding dirt, making handwash-only yarns purely impractical. Read more . . .

Neckline: If you have ever tried to dress a baby or toddler, you know that getting a pullover neckline over their head is the most apprehensive step of the process. Read more . . .

Stella Jacket by Robyn Chachula  

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Find the perfect pattern for the kids in your life in the Crochet Me Shop or download Design Your Own Crochet Baby Sweater with Robyn Chachula to begin designing your own patterns today.

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