Is Crochet Your Valentine? 6 Crochet Patterns to Make You Fall in Love All Over Again

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, a day for celebrating new romance, and, more importantly, a day to reinvigorate love that stands the test of time. If crochet is your greatest love this Valentine’s Day, we won’t judge you. Your love is no less worthy of some TLC during this most romantic of seasons.

Every love story has its ups and downs, including your love story with the art of crochet. This time of year, it’s easy to feel burned out after all that holiday crochet and in the face of your New Year’s resolutions. But sometimes, all it takes to fall back in love with crochet is a great project.

Here are a few favorite crochet patterns from 2017 that will have you hooked at first sight. These six projects are the best of the best, measured in the gold standard of Ravelry hearts. We hope they make your love for crochet feel brand new!

For Those Who Love Simple Garments
Angela Plunkett’s Tide Pool Tank

Ravelry Heart Count: 228

crochet patterns
Do you love to crochet garments that are as effortless to style and wear as they are to stitch? Feast your eyes on the Tide Pool Tank, a Ravelry favorite from Interweave Crochet Summer 2017! It’s a low-commitment garment that will remind you of the power of simple stitches to create high impact, head-turning fabric. Sometimes, returning to basics is the best way to rekindle an old flame.

For Those Who Love Tunisian
Kabila Sri Ponnusamy’s Citizen Pullover

Ravelry Heart Count: 325

crochet patterns
Got too much love to give to focus on just one stitch at a time? You may be a fan of Tunisian crochet! One of Interweave Crochet‘s most-loved Tunisian crochet patterns of 2017 was the Citizen Pullover, with its diagonal, asymmetrical stripes and super-flattering fit. This project will demand all your love and attention, but you’ll be rewarded with a garment you adore.

For Those Who Love Crochet Mandalas
Robyn Chachula’s Labyrinths Cardigan

Ravelry Heart Count: 270

crochet patterns
Feel like your love for crochet is going in circles? Join those circles together with this cleverly-designed cardigan crochet pattern from Love of Crochet Spring 2017, made entirely of crochet mandala motifs. A wide variety of colors, stitches, and motifs will hold your interest, and you’ll relish the clever way Robyn Chachula binds these circular mandalas together to create a flattering, fitted garment.

For Those Who Love Creative Lace
Lisa Naskrent’s Fall River Shawl

Ravelry Heart Count: 272

crochet patterns

Tired of the same old routine when it comes to crochet lace? Look to Lisa Naskrent to mix things up. Her Fall River Shawl from Interweave Crochet Fall 2017 is sure to surprise and delight you with its mix of dense post stitches and mesh-like single crochets and chains. Just look at the gorgeous floral clusters on the edging. Swooning yet?

For Those Who Love Challenging Cables
Natasha Robarge’s Labyrinth Sweater

Ravelry Heart Count: 384

crochet patterns

If you find a bit of adversity stokes the fires of your love, this aptly-named labyrinth of crochet cables is the answer. Just wait until you see the chart on this bad boy. We guarantee your interest will be held as you navigate post stitches and chain spaces. Don’t be afraid to take it slow!

For Those Who Love Chunky Yarn
Brenda K.B. Anderson’s Colorado Poncho

Ravelry Heart Count: 206

Want to take things a little faster? With a super-bulky gauge and a variety of stitches to keep things interesting, the Colorado Poncho from Crochetscene 2017 doesn’t wait three days to call back. In fact, in three days, you’ll already be almost finished with this trendy, ultra-cozy poncho and thinking about what crochet patterns you’d like to tackle next!

Whatever kind of project makes your heart beat a little faster, we’ve got it in the Interweave store! Browse our library of crochet patterns today and lock in those Valentine’s Day plans! Best of luck in your search for “the one!” (Or the three . . . or the twelve. We don’t judge.)

Yours in Stitches,

Crochet Projects to Make Your Heart Go “Pitter-Pattern”

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