5 Ways to Show Off Your Ghost Ranch Shawlette

The Ghost Ranch Shawlette has been one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve ever participated in. Even the photo shoot was entertaining. The biggest draw to this project is the yarn—Freia hand dyes their yarn in such a way that results are beautiful in any of the available colorways.

The rich transition of color in the Ombre Fingering Shawl Ball yarn is best demonstrated when considering how to wear the garment. We suggest 5 interesting ways to show off the Ghost Ranch Shawlette:

ghost ranch shawlette

1.     Michelle represented the Ice Queen colorway by wearing it in a traditional style. She told me the colors in the yarn reminded her of the ocean and how the waves crash onto the beach. The drape down the back expresses the transition from blue to white in a striking fashion.

ghost ranch shawlette

2.     Lisa went with a rolled up bandana style. The Dirty Hippie colorway is vibrant and fun. When bundled together like this, the layers of colors pop and look great up against her face.

ghost ranch shawlette

3.     Sara took a bohemian chic approach with her shawlette by tying it around her waist. She crocheted her shawlette with the Lichen colorway. Sara will look fabulous while taking in the farmers market or spending time at an outdoor music festival.

ghost ranch shawlette

4.     Dana also chose a bandana style wrap. This gives her shawlette a casual look and the Flare colorway really stands out. The full reign of orange and pink show when it falls this way, and gives Dana a playful appearance.

ghost ranch shawlette

5.     Lisa  gave the Chinook colorway a sophisticated aspect by doing a side shoulder drape and fastening it with an attractive button. This style emphasizes the deep teal and rose colors that make the chinook colorway so special. Worn this way, the shawlette could easily complete an outfit for a romantic night out.

ghost ranch shawlette

Our photographer, George, had his own opinion on how the shawl should be worn. I’m calling his bonus look: The Confused Desert Traveler.

The Ghost Ranch Shawlette is a versatile and super-fun project. Freia Ombre Fingering Shawl Ball yarns unique qualities make it easy to create something beautiful for yourself or a friend.

Keep On Hookin’ On,

—Dana Leigh

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  1. Katy M at 6:42 am May 22, 2017

    I have this pattern but am allergic to wool. Do you have a suggestion or two for yarn comparable to the Ombre Fingering Shawl yarn?

  2. Anonymous at 10:52 am May 22, 2017

    Hi Katy M,
    I’ve done some looking, and I have a couple yarns I can suggest in place of the yarn used in the shawl. I will warn you – the yardage on these yarns isn’t the same, so you’ll need 2 balls and you’ll have to play with the colors, but I think they will turn out beautifully.
    Option #1: Tahiti Yarn – https://www.interweave.com/store/crochet/yarn/tahiti-yarn-597
    Option #2: Uluru Rainbow Yarn – https://www.interweave.com/store/crochet/yarn/uluru-rainbow-yarn
    I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have additional questions. Thanks!
    Susanna T

  3. Antonette J at 9:01 pm May 31, 2017

    Is there anyway you can make 2 shawls cut out the inner part of a blouse out then fasten one on the front and back?
    Antonette j

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