5 Tips and Tricks for the Fable Cowl Tunisian Crochet Kit

Tunisian crochet

The Fable Cowl Tunisian Crochet Kit is a kit we just can’t quit. Seriously. I started making this to provide a list of tips and tricks for making it, and it took every ounce of will power I had to put it down and write this blog post. Without further ado, a list of tips and tricks to help with the Fable Cowl Tunisian Crochet Kit.

Tunisian crochet

1. Tunisian stitch around, return pass around.

The best part of this kit is the incredibly unique double-ended crochet hook with a 40-inch-long cord! This hook is so rare, you’ll struggle to find it in most stores, but it is perfect for making this cowl. The 2-color Tunisian technique used in this cowl requires you to work stitches on one side of the hook in your main color and work them off the other side of the hook in the complimentary color. With complicated stitch patterns like this one, it can mess up your flow to switch back and forth and back and forth if you are using a shorter hook. The long cable allows you to work an entire round picking up stitches and then work the entire round working them off. You won’t disrupt your train of thought and it’s great!

Tunisian crochet

2. Watch past tutorial posts.

Learn a new stitch! The cowl uses Tunisian simple stitch, twisted Tunisian simple stitch, and Tunisian simple stitch 2 together to create its incredible texture. No idea what a twisted Tunisian simple stitch is? We have you covered! Check out the post, complete with video tutorial, on how to work this twisted stitch!

Tunisian crochet

3. Keep your stitches loose.

Now that you’ve watched the tutorial on working the twisted Tunisian simple stitch, you’ll appreciate the necessity of keeping your stitches loose! Not only will it make it easier to insert your hook, but you’ll also feel more relaxed as you make the project, and your cowl will have a nicer drape.

Tunisian crochet

4. Swatch!

You won’t regret taking a practice swatch with this project. This pattern seems complicated at first but makes perfect sense and is easy to memorize after you’ve worked a couple repeats. I’ll admit, the first 8 rounds of the pattern were tricky for me to follow. I don’t work many Tunisian projects, so it took a while for me to get into the swing of the technique and fully understand how each of the stitches works together. But the second repeat of the pattern was a breeze. By then, you’re in an easy flow, and it’s difficult to put the project down! Swatching will help you make sure all your mess-ups happen on your swatch and not your project.

Tunisian crochet

5. Careful not to twist.

Yes. It says it right there in the pattern. Slip stitch to join your chain, and careful not to twist. There’s a lot going on as you start this project. You’re working with 2 colors of yarn, both attached to the project at the same time, a double-ended hook, a long cable between the hooks, and a stitch pattern you might not be that familiar with. Don’t let the distractions get you in a twist. Learn from my mistake so you don’t have to frog 5 rounds because you discover an unintended twist in your cowl.

This kit is so much fun to make. The kit includes 3 skeins each of the super-bulky Plymouth Encore Mega yarn in dark taupe and oatmeal. The large yarn works up at lightning speed, and the neutral color palette will go with just about any outfit. You’ll be so grateful you got the hook that’s included. I have a feeling you’ll want to make more than one of these! Just check out all the cool versions of this project on Ravelry (hint: variegated yarns look great in this pattern!).

Back to my stitching I go! I hope to have this cowl finished by the end of the week! Grab the kit and join me. The Fable Cowl is sure to be one of your all-time favorite crochet projects.

Happy stitching to you!

Editor, Interweave Crochet

Time to Try Tunisian Crochet – You Got This!

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