5 Tips for Working the Suave Crochet Sweater Pattern!

Are you on the hunt for a classic crochet sweater pattern? The Suave Sweater from Interweave Crochet Fall 2018 is one of my favorites! Its cropped silhouette makes it trendy, but it is worked top-down and easy to add length if you would like a longer, warmer sweater. The sweater uses a bulky yarn and a size L/11 (8 mm) hook, so there are not many crochet sweater patterns you can make much faster! If you’d like to tackle this awesome crochet sweater pattern, here are some tips and tricks for perfecting this top.

Inserting the hook for a center single crochet. | Photo Credit: Sara Dudek

1. Master the center single crochet stitch.

The center single crochet is a very popular stitch, although you might have heard it referred to as waistcoat stitch, knit stitch, or split single crochet. Check out this photo tutorial and video on working the center single crochet.

Increase stitches for the Suave Sweater. | Photo Credit: Harper Point Photography

2. Perfect your increases and decreases.

Achieve shaping (and perfect fit) for this sweater with increase and decrease stitches. They are clearly explained in the Stitch Guide for this pattern, so work a few before you start the sweater.

Learning to measure essential parts of raglans. | Photo Credit: GoodFolk Photography and George Boe

3. Learn all you can about raglan sweaters.

The best part about this sweater is that it’s seamless! And working the whole sweater in the round lets those center single crochet stitches really shine (no wrong side of the stitch shows). If you’d like to learn more about raglan sweaters—specifically, getting them to fit you perfectly—check out this series of posts that we did in partnership with raglan expert Lily Chin!

Get someone to help you take your measurements! | Photo Credit: George Boe

4. Take your measurements.

Speaking of fit, you’ll want to make sure you have an accurate set of measurements for the person who intends to wear this sweater. Check out these strategies for taking excellent measurements before you start stitching. The posts on raglan sweaters can help you apply your measurements to size adjustments as you stitch.

5. Try it on as you go!

What is the greatest benefit of a sweater worked from the top down? The answer: It’s so easy to try the project on as you go! (How could you not?) If you try it on a few times, you can catch any fit adjustment that you might like to try before you make it to the very end of the sweater.

If you can’t wait to work this crochet sweater pattern, take these tips into account and you’ll finish a sweater that you’ll absolutely love! When you’re finished, be sure to post pictures on Ravelry and mention the Suave Sweater so that others can see your color/yarn/sizing alterations.

Happy stitching!

(Featured Image: The Suave Sweater by Isa Catepillán from Interweave Crochet Fall 2018. | Photo Credit: Harper Point Photography)

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