5 Tips for Winter Crocheting

Winter is my favorite time of year to crochet. The change in the weather brings with it an excitement and the desire to work with different yarn fibers and crochet stitches, and I seem to have more free time to craft. But this time of year also means that I have to change my crochet habits.

In the winter, my crochet studio is located, more often than not, in the middle of my living room. In progress projects, which is what I like to call my UFOs even if I haven't worked on them in months, are stack in bags and bins on either side of the couch, within easy reach should I decide to actually finish one of them. I do have a craft room, but the small space is currently filled to overflowing with yarn, fabric, my sewing machine, and other crafting supplies.

I recently read a blog post by Cate Prato, the editor on our sister community Cloth Paper Scissors, about winterizing your studio. Cate has lots of helpful tips that apply to all crafters.


5 Ways to Winterize Your Art Studio for Creativity and Comfort

Here are some of my "winterizing" tips you can use to make your studio more welcoming if your part of the world is cold and dark during the winter.

1. Let in the light. Take down any heavy window treatments to take advantage of every bit of daylight and warmth the sun provides. If you need privacy, hang sheer curtains or openwork lace curtains instead. If your room lacks light because of its location or the shorter days, invest in overhead and task lighting, particularly the kind that mimics daylight.



What tips do you have for crafting in the winter?

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