5 Tips for using Copic Markers on the Crochet Coloring Book

Interweave Crochet Coloring BookHow did I get the gradients on the Crochet Coloring Book pages? What markers did I use and where can you get them? The answer, I used Copic Markers, an alcohol based marker that blends and creates gradients with ease.

You can create mini works of art with these 5 tips:

  1. Why Use Copic Markers and Where to Buy Them

First and foremost, alcohol markers like Copic Markers are a fun choice for coloring because they blend and bleed allowing you to create gradients. But Copics are great for a number of other reasons as well. They last a long time (mine are several years old and still coloring), are refillable, have durable tips that are interchangeable, and come in over 350 colors. Oh, and they can make you wildly addicted to coloring.

Copic markers are available in retail stores and online. I’ve purchased them at stores like Hobby Lobby, art supply stores, scrapbook stores as well as online retailers like scrapbookpal.com or amazon.

  1. Use a Cardstock that Allows Colors to Bleed a Little

You’ll need a cardstock that’s dense, yet allows the colors to bleed and blend. The cardstock needs to allow the alcohol to saturate the paper, yet it needs to allows you to push color around a bit…aka blend your colors. Different cardstock will make it easier or more challenging to blend smoothly. I used Georgia Pacific brand cardstock. It’s available in the office supply section at Walmart.

  1. Color Outside the Lines (and Inside, too)

medallion with shadowAdd color outside the lines to make the images pop off the page! To give images a shadow or depth, use greys or warm browns. Play around with adding color all around the outside, or follow traditional conventions of light theory and add a “5 o’clock shadow” so to speak by only coloring on one side of an image.

Consider the lines in the Crochet Coloring Book as merely suggestions. If you want to keep the colors in the lines, than do that. But if you want to play it a little looser, that’s ok too!

Fish colored inside and outside the lines

  1. How to Use Copic Markers

Blend in sequence. For a lack of a better word, Copic Markers come in various vibrancies. You can buy markers in various levels of intensity of a color, and those are notated by number on the marker. For example, there are blue markers labeled B04 and B05. They are the same blue but B05 is darker, perfect for shading an image that has been colored in B04. B37 and B39 are a different tone of blue and may not blend well with B04 and B05. So, when possible, buy markers in sequence. For optimal blending, try to get 3 markers in sequence with only 1 number missing between one marker and the next (i.e. B02, B04, B05 would be a good set but B00, B04, B05 would not be ideal).

Sample Crochet Coloring Page---FishStart by coloring a small section with the lightest color and slowly add shading by using a marker slightly darker and blend the color in. Use more pressure where you want the darkest shading and then feather it out with a lighter touch where you want the colors to blend together seamlessly. Brush over the shaded areas with the lightest color to smooth out color transitions even more.

Having said that, not every image needs to be blended. The butterfly on the cover was colored with no shading at all. I simply used a lighter and darker marker in 6 different colors. I used the lighter colors on the inside of the wings and darker colors on the outer edges of the wings. In this way, you can add depth to an image simply by using the same color in different shades (almost like pairing pastels with their primary counterpart).

  1. Have Fun, Relax, Color and Crochet!

Most importantly, have fun with it. Sure, the blending properties of the Copic Markers allow you to turn the Crochet Coloring Book pages into mini works art, but more importantly, they enable you to explore color theory (if you want to), relax, doodle and have fun.

granny square coloringColoring can sooth the soul and encourage others, too. Here are some fun ideas for what you can do with your coloring pages:

After you color a page, send it to a friend or parent to add a splash of color to their day. Create a little greeting card that frames your coloring and send a note to someone who needs a bit of encouragement. Color to inspire your crochet! Play with various color combinations to see how they may look on a motif. Take your coloring inspiration to the store with you to help you select colors for your next project!



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