5 Reasons You’ll Love Making the Tigre Zippered Cowl

As soon as I saw this cowl, I knew I had to make it. Crochet colorwork AND a zipper? There is no better project in my eyes! If you’re ready for fall weather and in need of a fun accessory to beat the autumn chill, look no further—I think you are going to love this project!

1. You can wear it so many ways!

The Tigre Zippered Cowl is a long tube with zippers sewn around each end. Wear the cowl a multitude of ways! Keep the zipper undone, and fit your head through the long, narrow tube for an extra cozy look. Zip the cowl around the edges, and wear it around your neck as a double layer. Or, leave the zipper only partially zipped, and get creative with your styling!

Photo Credit: Harper Point Photography

2. You can practice sewing in a zipper.

Zippers add so much flair and style to a project. If you’re looking for help sewing in a zipper, check out this post for sewing zippers on crochet. After making this project myself, here is an added tip: make sure your gauge is loose enough for the zipper to fit around the tube. You can always shorten the zipper if your gauge ends up a little too tight, but it’s easier to just match gauge before you start the project.

Photo Credit: Harper Point Photography

3. You can practice your tapestry crochet colorwork.

New to tapestry crochet colorwork? We have you covered! Check out this post on when to change colors in tapestry crochet if it has confused you in the past. Also, this pattern uses the extended single crochet stitch. See how that stitch compares to four other variations of the single crochet stitch when working tapestry crochet.

Photo Credit: Harper Point Photography

4. It’s designed by Brenda K. B. Anderson.

Brenda K. B. Anderson is the queen of cute crochet colorwork accessories! Have you seen the Love of Bees Notions Bag Set or the Warm Woolen Mittens? Once you try one of these fun colorwork projects, you’ll want to try them all!

Photo Credit: Harper Point Photography

5. It’s inspired by the AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary!

AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary by Andrea Rangel serves as the inspiration for this fun cowl. The swirling, wavy pattern is a colorwork chart from her book. If you like this one, you’ll love the 200 other colorwork charts in her book!

Photo Credit: Harper Point Photography

Added bonus: It’s available in a kit with two different color options!

Now you can get the kit to make this fun cowl in either black and white or gray and orange. The kit includes the digital download for Brenda’s pattern, yarn in each color needed, and the zipper.

Tigre Zippered Cowl in gray and orange. | Photo Credit: George Boe
Tigre Zippered Cowl in gray and orange. | Photo Credit: George Boe

Which color do you like best? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Stitching!

(Photo Credit: Tigre Zippered Cowl in Black and White | Photo Credit: Harper Point Photography)

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