5 Reasons Crocheted Men’s Shorts Are Awesome

Have you seen the new rompers for men? I’m sure you have—they made the rounds on social media a few weeks ago and caused quite a fuss. Most of the people I know, myself included, were not fans of these “bro rompers.” I’m actually not a fan of rompers on anyone over the age of 6, but I know I’m in the minority on that—lots of women love them. But rompers on grown men are just . . . silly. Sillier than rompers on grown women, somehow. And these romper-esque lacy shorts and matching top a coworker suggested? HARD PASS.

I get that men want to embrace new fashions after years of having cargo shorts as their only summer pants option, but bro rompers and lace shorts/shirt combos are a bridge too far for me. Fellas, if you want to change up your style this summer, take your inspiration from the ‘70s and make yourself some crocheted shorts!

Crocheted Shorts

Crocheted Shorts

I know crocheted shorts for men are controversial—heck, they’re probably as divisive as bro rompers—but I love them. They’re just so bright and fun! I think it would be impossible to wear crocheted shorts and be unhappy. I mean, look at these photos from Interweave Crochet Summer 2016—don’t these surfer dudes look like they’re having a blast? That could be you this summer. Here are my top 5 reasons you should make a pair of crocheted shorts this season:

1. They’re unique

How many other guys at the beach, park, or brewery are going to be rocking crochet shorts? Probably none. Crocheted shorts let you stand out from the crowd and show everyone your unique fashion sense!

2. They’re environmentally friendly

Upcycle thrift-store finds to create your shorts! Use granny-square motifs from old afghans, sweaters, and other projects and seam them together with yarn from your stash to create a no-waste project. It’s a win for fashion AND the environment!

3. They’re great for stash busting

Because crocheted shorts are usually composed of smallish motifs, you can really work through your stash while creating an awesome garment. Find a motif you like and make it in colors you already have to create shorts that express your style and clean out your stash. (I recommend going with bright colors—you’re already wearing crocheted shorts, so you might as well go big or go home!)

4. They’re a good conversation starter

It’s hard to be a wallflower when you’re wearing such a statement piece. You know people are going to ask you about your crocheted shorts: if you made them yourself, if they’re comfortable, if they’re breathable, how they can make themselves a pair. Get out there this summer and start a crochet conversation with strangers! You never know who you might turn on to the craft.

Crocheted Shorts

Crocheted Shorts

5. They’re great for a laugh

Listen, I’m a realist. I understand that crocheted men’s shorts are a little ridiculous (but not as ridiculous as bro rompers!). Why not lean in to the silly and give yourself—and everyone who sees you—a good chuckle? You might also give people of a certain age a nice dose of ‘70s nostalgia, which is always a lovely feeling!

Embrace your inner surfer dude this summer and crochet yourself (or the man in your life) a pair of shorts!


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